Try to get us

Do you remember the movie "Try to Catch Me?" with Leonardo Di Caprio? Here, you are in it, we are in it. After all, who has never thought, in the last two years, of being the intended victim of some action movie? But if before it was just a feeling, today it is a certainty. At least after listening to the Prime Minister say: "The priority is to go and look for those who are over fifty years old and have not yet been vaccinated".

If you belong to the fateful age category, if you were born before the moon landing or Italy-Germany 4-3, start warming up your muscles. That the government is heating up those of the Marò. And also the drone motors. They will look for you everywhere: in the streets, in the squares, through the fields, on the slopes of the hills and the most inaccessible peaks, in the pine forests of the marinas. They will stop the advance of the unvaccinated on the shore, arriving where even Mussolini surrendered. And don't think you are escaping the big all-seeing eye.

The country will be covered with murals of good propaganda, every screen of every "reliable" and "official" (that is, all) television will overflow with slogans. "In the secret of the voting booth God sees you, Stalin doesn't!" the Christian Democrats said to our grandparents in forty-eight. We will touch the Due Punto Zeneca update: “In the secret of the vaccination campaign, Figliuolo sees you, Montagner does not”. Selected sections of the Alpine troops will be unleashed from the North to the South of the Peninsula. With radial patrols, with the aid of molecular dogs – previously tested with molecular swabs – the NAS (Nuclei Arati di Siringa) of the Extraordinary Commissioner for Emergency will beat the Sacred homeland inch by inch in search of ambushes.

"This is the challenge we have to win!" declaimed the Premier, determined to break the backs of the Italians no-vax. Where Buonanima failed with Greece, the Scientific Technical Committee will succeed with Italy. And do not think you will easily escape capture: there will also be the chosen troops of the Volunteers of Freedom (vaccination). Zealous patriots already immunized by a triple dose of Pfizer and a deadly cocktail of Jhonson & Jhonson, Sputnik, Curevac and Moderna – two by two like Jehovah's Witnesses – will knock on every door, tracking down the 50+ thugs hiding under the beds, in the cavities of the attics, between the beams of the attics.

There will be no mercy for the "missing". And not even for the "Gianni Rivera Brigades": small handfuls of unscientific fanatics who insist on not believing in science, not obeying Burioni, not fighting to taste the magnificent flavor of the colorless serum. Do you remember the famous adage about the lion and the gazelle when they wake up in the savannah? From today it sounds like this: every morning in Italy when the sun rises, a premier wakes up and knows that he will have to run more than one missing or he will lose the challenge. Every morning in Italy, when the sun rises, a missing person wakes up and knows that he will have to run more than the premier or he will be vaccinated. Every morning in Italy it doesn't matter whether you are a prime minister or a missing person. The important thing is that you start running.

Francesco Carraro

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