You have to take certain news with the right degree of irony and not get angry: today the general elections will be held in Uganda and the government, after the closure of many social profiles defined as "Government Fake", has ordered telecommunications companies to close the access to social media throughout the country throughout the election period. The solution was drastic and simple: everyone out, FB and Twitter in the lead, at least until the end of the elections.

The decision was made because President Museveni believes social media is actively helping his opponent Bobi Wine and has acted accordingly. The funniest thing about all of this is the rush of Twitter's violated virgins to invoke "Internet Freedom":

"We strongly condemn the closures of Internet services: they are extremely harmful, they violate fundamental human rights and the principles of #OpenInternet" .

So Twitter allows itself to give lessons on web freedom to a foreign head of state, who, among other things, will have many defects, but has also defeated AIDS in Uganda, after having deleted the accounts of dozens of thousands of people, if not on a perfectly arbitrary basis, and having blocked the President of the United States indefinitely. Look, as they say in the Deep North, it really takes a great face of tolla.

The oligarchs of the web want "free Internet" when it matters to them, but in one day, just one day, they shut down the Parler platform which, at that moment, was the fastest growing platform due to the censorship imposed by other social networks.

Museveni commenting on this decision said a few, clear words: " We will not allow anyone to impose his decisions on our nation ". Not even Twitter or Facebook.

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The article TWITTER GIVES LESSONS IN FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY IN UGANDA! From which pulpit the sermon comes from .

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