UNICREDIT DOWN. Long live electronic payments that can leave you in your underwear

How nice the Unicredit APP and the online services do not work. But DON'T WORRY

Impossible to enter home banking services, make payments by debit or credit card. From this morning the Unicredit services are down.

From the various reports recorded on downdetector.it, the problem is not linked to a single geographical "region" of the country, but is widespread, therefore linked to the bank's central servers and not to a single peripheral system. The first thing that skipped are, of course, online payments, both from the retail side, from the customers and from the sellers side, that is the stores. you can understand the level of discomfort for the clients of the institute and for those who, in general, use its services.

The bank replies that they are aware of the problem and that it is "generalized anomalies and slowdowns in the access phase" to the IT systems, which will be restored with "the highest priority". Of course, not knowing the extent of the problem, it is difficult to assess when it will be solvable.

We remind you that the Government is working hard to transform all payments into electronic form. Today, however, the holders of cash who, at least, have had access to their money will be happy. A naughty friend of mine said that this is the " Corralito Test ", that is a test for monetary segregation in view of Italy's exit from Target2, that is, from the single European payment system in which we are in large deficit, which the Germans don't like it. Of course it's all a joke…. or not.

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