The French Revolution transferred sovereignty from the aristocracy to the bourgeoisie .

Parliaments were born to preserve this transfer, endowing themselves with the power of empire that until that moment had belonged to kings.

Globalization has instead transferred sovereignty from the bourgeoisie to finance.
The parliaments, still today an expression of the bourgeoisie, have however lost their original tools .

To rebalance this situation, globalization must be governed with a strong policy , with parliaments that enjoy inviolable constitutional reserves of sovereignty.

It is no coincidence that in the last decade are esautorate precisely these constitutional reservations of the public power (is seen ratify Fiscal Compact and Mes or a balanced budget in the Constitution). Parliaments, self-limiting the original reserves of sovereignty, have abdicated the strength of finance.

Now ask yourself : who is the use of the demonization of politics, the cutting of parliamentarians, the hypocritical struggle against a caste deprived of its most important power which is the exercise of the power of empire?

Parliaments are now glass bells that limit themselves to delegating to governments, from a "contractual" position of weakness, the task of negotiating more or less invasive conditions with finance for the social rights of peoples and the bourgeoisie.

Where finance also means the global production system, passed from the human bourgeoisie to faceless multinationals .

If politics does not return, with all its strength and empire , democracy and freedom will be destined to disappear.

Giuseppe Palma

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Literary Tips :

1) by Paolo Becchi and Giuseppe Palma, “ DEMOCRACY IN THE QUARANTINE. How a virus has swept the country ", Historica edizioni, April 2020.

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  • by Giuseppe Palma, « Dante, from language to homeland. In the seven hundredth anniversary of his death (1321-2021) we are still "Sons of the thirteenth century" » , with an extract from the preface by Gabriele d'Annunzio for the monumental edition of the 1911 Comedy , Gds, March 2020 (e-book edition); April 2020 (paper edition).

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