What deal has Google made with Hope?

I'm sorry, but I can't trust Speranza. I do not trust his words, his attitude that always appears double, his ability to serve the interests of the Italian state and people towards the powerful bureaucracy of the Ministry of Health.

When the ministry reaches agreements with the already opaque giants of the web, and these agreements are not public and transparent, I do not like and do not like RadioRadio either, which we often resume. To achieve their goal the State, the theoretical struggle against fake news, Google and social platforms convey the outbreak of 'epidemic only the news you like, forming parts of a single narrative possible.

Precisely the birth of this agreement between Google and the ministry could have resulted in the episodes of censorship, even against us, which have been registered on the web in all these months. “They take money away from us to show only their news. And not the others. That's where the censorship. You confessed ": this is the reaction of Fabio Duranti, who brought live the pact signed over a year ago. Here is his speech to the microphones of Francesco Vergovich at "A special day". “Directly from the website of the Ministry of Health we discover something that makes us fall out of the chair. What does Minister Speranza write, who was already him? We read: 'At this time no easy it is important the correct information. Google, with its research, and YouTube, with its video, can bring out reliable news. This is why the agreement made with the Ministry of Health is useful: now the two platforms will direct all users who seek news on the coronavirus to our site '. These are the words of the Minister of Health, Robert Hope. So Google and Youtube will be water carriers only for the ministerial source? And the others? All to hell and "Demonetized", as indeed happened also to Economic Scenarios.

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