WHAT IS FREE THOUGHT (by Marco Santero)

EXCELLENT SYNTHESIS of the philosopher Simonetti Matteo who attacks the unique thought that is trying to impose.

Like Galileo Galilei, who if he lived today would be branded (as then) as a NEGATIONIST, PLOTTER, in essence a deranged madman … … but Galilei with his battle founded modern science: that is, NON-DOGMATIC science, FOUNDED BY ETERNAL DOUBT THAT CREATE SERIOUS AND BASED RESEARCH IS CERTAIN AND REPLICABLE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE.

So what we are experiencing is an attempt at DEADLY REGRESSION of the scientific spirit that from the club has taken us to the stars.

Now a very small elites, but which is now the absolute master of our economic, social, media and scientific structures, is BRUTALLY regressing SCIENCE TO ABSOLUTE DOGMA and whoever has doubts becomes a deranged, a madman, a criminal to be fought and repressed with brutality.

The great professors hugely paid and pampered by the media are selling themselves in a despicable way by bowing as servants to the OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT narrative.

But to face this monstrous reality we need to start from the basics, from how a human mind is created from birth to adulthood and maturity:

When you are born your family leads you to your religious or political or social beliefs = you are given the answer before the questions arise with the adult mental development!

This is why the mass is made up of mentally framed people and they don't even realize it … … my grandfather was a communist, my father was a communist and then the olive tree ……… I am a diessino and then a piddino, without even understanding that the PD (namesake of the party based on electoral fraud in the USA) with the Communist Party has nothing ideological in common, except the imperious request to the "follower" of a blind faith and absolute belief-obey-fight model of fascist memory ……… .. a faith with its rituals and churches = the arci circles that have the same territory as the parishes = to each parish I oppose an arci circle to physically manifest the "new" faith. This being blind, uncritical and obtuse believers led us to the new faith = the one in the media = if the TV and newspapers say so then it's true !!


Spectacular synthesis of Brandi (excellent blogger) people and intellectuals live a childish regression to the world of fairy tales, in which there are the GOOD (those "left" piddini and 5 stables in particular) who therefore can only do GOOD ! And then there are the others who are BAD because they are not “DE LEFT” …………… fantastic synthesis, of the series we are faced with people who have never become adults and have a critical sense.

Poor ignorant sheep, but if all the main TVs, newspapers and classic media are owned (directly or indirectly) by the "masters" (satanic plot managed by international usurers) then what do you believe? who controls your mind, thought and actions in an occult but total way?

It is possible that the psychological, political, social and media creed that has been transmitted / imposed on you by others is nothing more than a cage that prevents you from realizing your identity and becoming a conscious, educated and active citizen of social processes. and politicians? In my opinion absolutely yes and the demonstration is the reaction to the nightmare imposed called coronavirus.

unreliable buffers used to block and annihilate entire peoples and states:


The Biologist Franco Trinca definitively explains the total unreliability of the swabs and the problem of the excessive number of amplification cycles used in Italy, unlike for example in Germany, the world is being destroyed (apart from China that wallows in it !! pigeonhole a series of absurd and criminal facts that are happening in this general delirium based all on the factor P = FEAR = THE MOST IMPORTANT MINISTRY OF THE CURRENT INFAMENT GOVERNMENT IS THE MINISTRY OF FEAR!

Fear is the supreme tool of control and now with Covid it is evident, the power to annihilate entire peoples with fear as is happening is terrible.

If TV and newspapers tell you that you have to be afraid you are afraid, if the TV tells you not to be afraid ( just "bomb yourself" a salvific vaccine done in a hurry by companies that have imposed indemnity in billionaire contracts = we do it urgently the vaccine, but you have been, that you pay me handsomely, you assume all the costs of any side effects ) you will not be afraid.

Reflecting on this "little" aspect, would a person who is sane and able to reason with his brain in a rational way have such a vaccine injected into his body? absolutely not! and in fact even Crisanti (the mosquito expert!) and other pro covid luminaries have made it clear.

so what is a free thinker = a mind that thinks with common sense and reasoning, a mind that doubts and always checks what is served up, because if the TV says you are afraid and you let yourself be terrified without thinking, reflect and check if what is said is actually real = you are a slave! POINT!

Here nothing is denied but reasoning with common sense yes!

It is evident to those who know the real facts that this criminal government does nothing to manage the situation with common sense:

in the 9 months (9 months !!) from the beginning of the criminal delirium it was enough to triple the family doctors and set the maximum number of patients to half of the current absurd 1500 ……… if you have more than 750 I will not give you an extra euro! once this is done, dear family doctors must go to visit patients at home, under penalty of immediate suspension of salary!

My 90-year-old mother-in-law 100% disabled to get the flu vaccine had to go to an ASL district, wait with dozens of other elderly people OUT IN THE COLD! And then enter one at a time, finally in the presence of his majesty the doctor, but we're kidding! The vaccinations to the risk categories you go to do at home, since moreover for each vaccination YOU TAKE MORE MONEY !!

This is a virus that can and must be managed at home with a clear and equal prevention and treatment protocol throughout Italy! Virus that impacts only on already compromised organisms and instead this infamous government uses it as an instrument of power and absolute domination.

To finish a lesson, by two strongly leftist characters from the time of true Communism, on the total betrayal of workers and average citizens by mental victims with their wallet firmly on the right.


The analysis is deadly and shows how we are ending up, through the left, in a neo-Nazi trans-humanism!

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