The arrival of Instagram has provided companies with the opportunity to tell their brand through images; a way that allows you to attract the user's attention with a more immediate and effective message because an image is worth a thousand words.

A company that is on Instagram to achieve its marketing goals must emerge from the mass of content that flocks to the streams of all users every day. So it must understand the ratio that Instagram follows to propose content to users and why it chooses precisely those.

Even if the technical details of how the algorithm works have never been made public, you have a rough idea of ​​what are the main variables that influence the way in which the contents that scroll in people's feed are rewarded; let's analyze these variables individually:

  • Engagement: The content in the first few minutes of the publication is shown to a sample audience to test the interest rate. Based on the number of interactions that occur in the first few minutes of the publication, the number of people to whom the content should be shown is decided. So a post with a large number of interactions will be shown more but it cannot be excluded that a post that has had fewer interactions, but very relevant to someone, will be shown to this niche thanks to these other variables that we examine later.

  • Relevance: the contents that are recognized as most relevant to each user are rewarded by the Instagram algorithm. If in the past a user has interacted with a lot of content from a certain sector (food, travel, fashion etc …), it will be more likely that this content that he has shown to like the most will be shown in his feed.

  • Relationships: Instagram, regardless of the accounts you follow, always shows the latest posts of the closest friends that are: the people who publish the contents we most appreciate, and we show it with likes and comments; the people with whom we converse in private; the people we look for the most and those we know in real life. But in addition to close friends, Instagram also rewards the content of people that we find interesting, which it recognizes from the content we share through Messenger, WhatApp or by copying the URL of the content or by sharing content of others.

  • Timeliness: the time factor is very important to establish the order of the contents in the Instagram feed; so the freshest contents have a better chance of emerging than the older ones, always respecting the other variables.

  • Profile searches: Profiles that are searched to see the latest posts are rewarded in the feed because the algorithm interprets the search as a signal of interest and consequently directly displays those people's content first.

  • Time spent: the time a person devotes to content is a very important factor in determining interest in it. So Instagram considers the time spent on an image, on a video and also on external pages that are made accessible with a link in the biography.

Once the company has published the content within the brand channel there is a risk that it will be seen by a limited number of people depending on how much the algorithm will reward or penalize them. To push the business you need to study the target to build content that is exciting or relevant to it in order to get many likes and comments that will lead the algorithm to evaluate the content as of quality, favoring the variable engagement. To ensure that a content has many interactions, in addition to studying what is liked by the target, it is very important to also study the behavior of the followers of the brand account to deduce what are the best times for publication. Posting content at times when followers are passive (for example they sleep or are at work) can be dangerous because it jeopardizes the organic visibility that the content can obtain and consequently negatively affects the algorithm's engagement variable.

To get the message over the barrier of the algorithm, which, as we have seen, regulates the organic visibility of the contents through a series of variables, and to get it to the feed of the people who have the characteristics of the target, you can buy visibility spaces. Keep in mind that when building a campaign on Instagram, in addition to choosing images that are very powerful in telling the message, you must share exclusive and personalized content with the target that creates a relationship of intimacy and trust; so you have to create campaigns that make people feel understood, pampered and special. At the same time it is very important to reflect on the different segments that make up the audience to whom the message is addressed because there is nothing that works better than a content written especially for those who read it who must feel heard and understood.

To achieve its objectives, a brand on Instagram must also identify and reach the right target with which to build a relationship over time to get its contents to really interested people who will interact with it, demonstrating to the algorithm that storytelling is of value and should be rewarded. . So to build a relationship over time with followers, he must respond to those who leave comments on his content to make sure that the contents are populated by genuine interactions with interested people. At the same time, it must proactively interact with content that is in line with its history and characteristics to build relationships with interested people.

Finally, on Instagram a brand that needs credibility can involve influencers who have an audience that is not simply large but perfectly in target with the audience it needs to reach and a certain authority.

As we have seen in this article, in order to communicate on Instagram, a brand must build content around its target that must be recognized and that respond to its desires or interests in order to be rewarded by the algorithm, acquire paid visibility, manage relationships with other people within the social network and create projects that involve influencers.

Romina Giovannoli

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