Tomorrow, at least in theory, 50,000 Italian restaurateurs and bartenders would like to reopen their shutters in compliance with the safety regulations, but ignoring the times imposed by the strange and somewhat arbitrary regional traffic light imposed by the government on Italians. Here is one of the various videos that featured the measure:

Then, as often happens in Italy, there seems to have been a backtrack: all lions first, then a rabbits later. However, tomorrow we will see the actual number of those who intend to violate the DPCM.

But let's think about it: what would happen if 50 or 60 thousand Italian restaurant businesses really violated the lockdown and opened according to common sense rules, but not those of timetables and traffic lights. if they were really 50,000 what could they do? Arrest them all? Do we have enough courtrooms and prisons? Close 15% of public businesses, when another 20% is now bankrupt? Furthermore, what authority can a government have that, at this moment, it is not clear whether it has a majority or not, and that, in truth, it is not well understood whether it even before had the power to issue DCPM. After all, the first to not respect the rules relating to distancing is either the state, and to see it it is sufficient to check the situation of the subways in Milan:

We don't know if anyone will really open tomorrow. but if it happened it would be a small revolution, perhaps not too small….

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