The terrible attack carried out yesterday in the central streets of the German city of Trier leaves many unanswered questions. A large-displacement car, a range Rover, throws itself into a pedestrianized shopping area in the city center and even zigzags to maximize casualties. It seems like a repetition of the attacks in Nice and Berlin, so tragically present in the memory, but, as the security site OFCS.report points out, there are interpretative problems:

The arrested man was identified as Berndt Walter, a 51-year-old German living in the suburbs of Trier. The police have made it known that he is a person without criminal records and specific reports, as well as links to political or pseudo-religious movements, even if everything seems to indicate a conscious act.

But we still have no idea of ​​the motive. In the first hours after his arrest, the man was subjected to alcohol testing, resulting negative, and this made any explanation for the insane gesture even more obscure. The investigators involved in the interrogation have not yet developed an explanation on the reasons for the action that produced the massacre in one of the busiest streets for Christmas shopping, the Simeonstrasse, which is located near the historic Porta Nigra. 

We refer to OFCS.Report for a full analysis, but the question is: how is it possible for a person to go crazy like this? What is the effect of closedown, of confinement, on the sanity of individuals?

We should start asking ourselves.

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