“Whoever calls a denial is the true fascist”. Outburst of Siri

By now he calls himself a denier for almost nothing. In the US, even those who, for example, are against the obligation to vaccinate are defined as a denier. At this point we are on the verge of witch hunts and the suppression of personal and speech freedoms.

Alessandro Siri talks about the Green Pass on this topic at Radioradio “So, the green pass alone is useless. And then this story of the green pass, attention: only in a society in dissolution do you accept that there is discrimination between those who are vaccinated or those who have had the swab or rather those who are immune to recovery. Because if a person has never had Covid, he is fine, what should he do? He has to continually undergo tampons at his expense, because we decide to create restrictions on a disease that is cured. But once when there was the flu we used to take swabs, we asked if you had the vaccine, we asked if you had immunity? No in the face of flu, which nevertheless had a great incidence of mortality.

Now we have to deal with this virus. It is not that we will be able to continue for life to buffer ourselves for everything we have to do, given that Covid will remain for life because it is destined to become an endemic virus. Endemic means a virus like many others, that if you take it you cure yourself and you are done. This virus, this disease, this Covid will become a common disease. But it is a mental fact: we must take possession of this thought. Because if we don't take back this thought we really risk being locked in a cage for who knows how long. If we go after the Speranza, the terrorists of the mask, of distances , of closures, of antisociality and of the denial of work “.

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