WILL YOU WATCH THE YEAR END SPEECH? Or have you already received your procaganda fix for 2020

We are at 31 December and, like every year, even the sad and tragic 2020, we will have the speech of the President of the Republic. A usual gesture, but which has become trite and withdrawn, especially for the words expressed. Yet it could be different ..

I remember the speech of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for the 75th anniversary of VE day. A speech that fell at the height of the pandemic, so when the United Kingdom was already in tight Lockdown. It was a simple speech, which called for profound values, remembering his Father, the King who led the kingdom in the darkest hour, with words of balance and true hope. A nice speech, congratulations to its authors and to you who chose it.

What do the various Mattarella, Napolitano and, in general, these characters who come from a Catto-Communist elite speak? Always with a didactic tone, as if they always had to teach us something, if they placed themselves on a beautiful throne and, in their kindness, explained to us how the world works. No real participation in the sufferings of their subjects, no admission for errors and responsibilities of the government or, in general, of the "ruling classes". Never! To this we add the usual two or three minutes dedicated to the homage to Europe, to “European solidarity”, even when this has not materialized or has been implemented in a succession of wrong choices. however, we must kiss the slipper of the Germanic Emperor and the power of Brussels.

The only decent speech of the last 30 years? that of Cossiga in 1993

I this at that time I will take a nice bath listening to classical music. Meanwhile, every mass media will praise him tomorrow, even if he sent everyone to hell. What will you do?

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