Xi Jinping imitates Di Maio: “Defeat poverty”

We can say it: Xi Jinping is like the Pentastellato Luigi Di Maio "Great Leader" because he too has "Defeated Poverty". Indeed, to tell the truth, Xi Jinping was also a little more modest because he limited himself to saying that he defeated "extreme poverty", a slightly less ambitious goal than that achieved by our foreign minister.

The Chinese Premier made official "total victory" without balconies, but with a ceremony held in the Great Hall of the People, closing the campaign that began 8 years ago with his rise to power, and underlining the central role played by the Chinese Communist Party " to improve people's wellbeing ". after all, the fight against poverty would, in theory, be "its original mission" of the CCP.

China has spent 1.6 trillion yuan ($ 246 billion) on this campaign since the 18th congress of the CCP, lifting over 10 million people a year out of poverty, up to a total of 98.99 million. The 128,000 villages and 832 counties, officially registered as being in extreme difficulty, have all been removed from the list of destitution. A remarkable result, and, moreover, the growth in the income of the Chinese RP is quite evident even considering the average wages

An average wage of 93,000 yuan a year is 11,800 euros, not bad for an average wage, considering where China started from in the 1970s and where it came from. Indeed it would be an almost epic undertaking, if we think that the average wages in manufacturing, the workers, are very little distant from the general ones.

To deny that China has taken a big step in the fight against poverty would be absurd. Unfortunately this did not happen with an equal advancement in respect of the person and political freedoms. Improving people's quality of life should push them to make demands in this area as well.

Meanwhile, for now, Xi Jinping can boast of being like Di Maio.

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