Yesterday ETS and CBAM approved: two acronyms that mean “Poverty” for the European citizen – What Campomenosi says

Yesterday, to the delight of environmentalists, two regulations were approved for the famous “Fit for 55”, that is, two tools of the strategy, or rather “Strateggia” for its superficiality, which should lead to neutrality in CO2 emissions. The regulations are:

  • ETS, the carbon emissions trading system, for a fee, which will be required for ALL commercial activities. An MORE TAX to be paid for all those who carry out productive activities;
  • CBAM, the complex and expensive system of “Carbon duties”, which will affect all imports based on the presumed impacts on greenhouse gas emissions, to try to realign the costs of imports with those of internal production.

As you can well guess both systems, wanted by A STRONG parliamentary MAJORITY (PPE, i.e. Forza Italia, S&D, i.e. the PD, RE, i.e. Calenda and Verdi, i.e. M5S) will lead to a sharp increase in the cost of living for all. citizens of the EU, with a significant drop in the standard of living. What costs 10 today, tomorrow will cost 12. Thanks to these European standards, we will all be poorer, except the super-rich, who will be able to consume as they wish. This is the duty paid to Greta's demagoguery.

Someone understood it, as you can see from this Twitter Thread by Marco Campomenosi.

and it will not be easy to change these stupid and harmful rules

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