You want to go to China: the anal test is mandatory. When in Italy?

Do you want to go to China? You have to do an anal swab. As reported by the New York Post and other media, yesterday it was announced that the anal pad is mandatory for all travelers who want to enter China, from virtually any country in the world. The pretext is that the virus would be more permanent in the mucosa of the area in question rather than in the nasal mucosa.

Japan violently protested. Katsunobu Kato, chief of staff of the Japanese prime minister said that "Many citizens have turned to the Japanese embassy after receiving the test that caused psychological trauma". The spokesman for the Chinese foreign minister, however, defended the measure, stating that it will be maintained as long as the epidemic measures require it. He basically said that anyone who wants to enter China either yields to the humiliating practice, or can stay at home.

A week ago, some American diplomats were also forced to this measure and violently protested. The Beijing foreign ministry had apologized for the measure, from which diplomatic personnel should be exempted, but who knows how accidental the mistake was, given the tension between Beijing and Washington.

Given that in Italy and in Europe we have a preference for useless and humiliating practices, one seriously wonders how much time will pass before the same measure is applied in our country as well.

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