Zelensky to Biden: it is time for Ukraine to seriously enter NATO

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had a long telephone conversation with US President Joe Biden on Monday. In this interview he stated that Ukraine needs "a real detailed plan", complete with dates, on its membership of NATO, all confirmed by the official website of Ukraine .

The time for declarations and declarations of intent should be a thing of the past, Zelensky told Biden.

“There is no doubt that Ukraine is an integral part of Europe in terms of the foundation of its value. Now, in the new situation in Europe, we need a logistical plan for Ukraine's accession to the Alliance in the near future. NATO is the way to the maximum protection of our country, ”Zelensky said.

According to a second official report, Zelensky also informed Biden about the situation in Donbass, a Ukrainian territory temporarily occupied by Russian-backed separatists, and explained the reasons and nature of the periodic escalation of the conflict.

"The so-called withdrawal of the Russian troops is only one year," Zelensky said.

There was still a high concentration of Russian troops and heavy weapons in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and near the Ukrainian border, he explained.

"Ukraine's transition to NATO is also an opportunity to fulfill the preconditions for establishing a stable and lasting peace in Donbas," says the second report. Or a way to be able to attract NATO to the quicksand of eastern Ukraine, using its military leverage.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on June 4 at an event at the Brookings Institution that the best way for Ukraine to move towards NATO membership is to implement reforms to fight corruption and modernize its defense institutions and safety. "We are helping [Ukraine] in this as they move towards further Euro-Atlantic integration," he added.

NATO provides support to Ukraine in the form of training and development of national military capabilities, Stoltenberg said, and has encouraged NATO allies "to do more".

After the events of 2014 and the uprising in the pro-Russian Donbass area, in addition to the loss of Crimea, Ukraine has seen an ever closer to NATO and eager to join, but a prerequisite for accessing NATO should be the resolution of disputes territorial, and that on the Crimea with Russia is still open. So, formally, Kiev would not have what it takes to join NATO. But for friends there are always exceptions.

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