After Fiore and Castellino, Carlo Taormina will defend the “Squid Game” snipers.

ROME – Après avoir prevented Annamaria Franzoni, the Communion of the Sacra Corona Unita Francesco Prudentino, Erich Priebke, killing of Silent Hill and Milly Carlucci, Carlo Taormina accepted a mission abroad: the assistance juridique aux snipers du Squid Game Korean. The announcement comes after the takeover of other private clients, such as Roberto Fiore and Giuliano Castellino , who during the meetings in Rome on October 9, after the assault on the CGIL, had reached the right level of guilt to activate the mandate of representation. .

The Squid Game series has caused a great deal of controversy for its violent scenes, and the Carolina Foundation recently launched a petition on asking Netflix to shut it down, which has caused an even more dramatic increase in viewing. In anticipation of the Codaconi's complaint that it is in the air, Taormina is advancing and not only takes its new position, but has its voice at the scene of the crime, the moment "1,2 3, star!" of Squid Game, in fact, in which the group of 456 contestants played against a giant robot puppet and which was caught moving after “star!” he was brutally murdered with a sniper rifle. “I’m an eyewitness to what happened in episode 1. The atmosphere was also happy and festive, there were even people playing 1,2,3, star! All people are extremely courteous and correct, with a playful attitude, ” says Taormine.
And the lawyer continued, pointing to his line of defense: “I watched all the episodes that were sent to me. Personally, I have not seen any attacks made in a spurious and violent manner by snipers who were then arrested. That doesn’t mean there aren’t states, but I haven’t encountered them. I will defend the Korean noble riflemen – he announces – but it will be very difficult to carry out this process because we really need to reconstruct how they did well: on the one hand the behavior of the detainees, on the other that of the guards. present. I don’t want to criminalize them, but who would trust masked people who know nothing except that they like to put geometric shapes on their face? .

To those who point out that, from the picture, it is clear that these snipers kill in cold blood the defenseless who are solely to blame for not being able to stand still after the story of the robotic monster, Taormina responds without hesitation: " Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either .

"And in any case – concludes the lawyer – I reiterate the alienation from the facts of my clients: it was DIGOS who authorized the game and the snipers never entered the headquarters of the CGIL".

Stefano Pisani

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