Board games, Scarabeo Sicilia edition comes: “Mafia” and “Pizzo” are among the forbidden words

Winter has arrived and in view of the upcoming closure (for the unvaccinated, who will have plenty of free time to spend at home) we are back to talking about board games.

Following the success of Cluedo's "Amanda Knox Edition" and Monopoly's "Houses for rent in Bologna", a new version of Scarabeo has arrived: this is the special limited edition "Sicilia Edition" .

Editrice Giochi wanted to conquer the market of the region of oranges and cannoli, hit, as we know, by terrible pests such as drought and traffic, dedicate its own version of one of the board games most famous in Sicily.

The game still has the same rules but there will be words that (for obvious reasons) have been included in the booklet among those that will not be valid because they do not exist in that specific region.

Thus terms such as mafia, lace, omerta, extortion, tritol, stragedicapaci and bimbiscioltinellacido (also adding the acronym BSNA ), to name a few examples, will not be allowed because they do not exist in the Sicilian dictionary, as confirmed by a recent study by L' Academia della Crusca : “ While studying the etymology of the word arancin * we came to a very old edition of a Sicilian dictionary, dating from 350 BC, in which those terms appeared. of obscure meaning, but that today. it no longer exists, so it is no longer valid for the purposes of an Italian-language game like Scarabeo ”.

Also, among the innovations introduced in the rules of this edition, there will be a new rule: the winner will be able to burn the car of one of the opponents.

Christmas is approaching, and who knows if any of you wouldn’t have this wonderful new game under the tree.

Giuseppe Coppola

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