Chameleon looks in the mirror and finds that he hates his true color

Anvedioh, Madagascar – “The chameleon is not green, but I am convinced that it is the only color that gives it,” says Guanina Lancialingua, a reptile expert and professor at the University of Bay Area in San Francisco, California. “And to do it every day it takes a lot of energy, but they hate a lot of its true color,” reads the report on a 3-year study funded in part by the European Union that never knows how to cut back on money and in part. by the Pantone Foundation against color discrimination.

For almost a century it has been known that the chameleon does not camouflage itself to evade the gaze of predators (even because of thunder after 3 months of life) but rather to respond to certain psychological conditions, but this is the first time that this predisposition is scientifically proven. It has also been discovered to which peculiar conditions are most reactive and which certain particular species of chameleons, the most colorful, are most sensitive to changes in fashion trends.

The sensational science discovery, published in November last year, has been made accessible to everyone in the separate business journal Science. The experiment was done on a sample of 220 specimens belonging to 36 different species of chameleons, including Ibrahimovic, Casini and Mastella.

The reptiles, which are blindfolded at the site of the experiment, were placed in a terrarium with a mirror base and walls to “strip” each color. 62% of the specimens, after a few minutes in that unprecedented situation, began to assume the uncertain behavior and the naive feint typical of “I don’t know what to wear today” ; in thirty minutes, the percentage of unsatisfied specimens exceeded 90%. Mastella and Casini began to switch between red and blue intermittently, Ibra, much more colorful, began to dye by mixing the uniform worn by all the teams he always supported.

After about 50 minutes, all strains began to turn purple, probably to manifest the psychological condition characteristic of intense pain in the ass.
Once the experiment was over, the specimens returned to their natural habitat and immediately regained their preferred color, except for Casini who continues to see an iridescent arlequin variety.

Vittorio Lattanzi

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