Chiara Ferragni launches her line of umbilical cords

MILAN – “UmbiliCOOL cord” was launched yesterday by digital entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni , a collection of luxury umbilical cords exactly the same as those used by little Vittoria in these nine months. The second child of Chiara Ferragni du rapper Federico Lucia (mieux connu sous le nom de "integrated pirlotto!") Or the East 23 mars. Two days after birth, the influencer’s pink pajamas and baby’s placenta were already on the market, sold out within hours. On March 30, the new line of skirts for children was presented, inspired by Victoria herself.

Having eugenically programmed her eldest son Leone to have certain characteristics (blonde curls, blue eyes, photogenic from every direction and integrated power bank), even little Victoria seems destined to be spoken to. The little girl immediately went into action in the Ferragni Empire, thanks to her nine months of apprenticeship in her mother’s womb, during which she passed photogenic examinations with ultrasound, posture kicks and colorful fetal poses.
Victoria immediately became famous thanks to her first regurgitation (which her mother immediately marketed as a beverage that creates the “RegurgitFashion” brand) and the onesie line, although she didn’t miss the criticism. "It took Chiara too long to light them!" – commented by his staff – a week after the party is too long! We’ve lost the entire children’s market from 0 to 6 days, “ while others let slip that Ferragni this time may have had ” exaggerated a bit, even wanting to give birth to the testimony of rompers, but business is business and this move has given a great deal of savings to the taking of evidence of consent ” .

If next week the podcast will be launched with all the curses uttered by Ferragni during the match (delivery that, incidentally, immediately led Fedez to the competition "Father of the Year" , with Francesca Michielin ), now is the time for the new line of umbilical cords.

The umbilical cord designed by Chiara Ferragni is actually the faithful reproduction of the one with which Vittoria fed for nine months. Four models of super chic strings in shades of white and pink are available on the website "Chiara Ferragni Collection" . And the iconic navel cover to the eye, worn by Ferragni just after the relief.

The ropes were making their way around the Web immediately, though their cost caused some users to raise their noses. The price of surgery to implant the Ferragni style cord instead of yours during pregnancy varies from 92 euros, for the white one with mini logos, to 295 euros for the super luxury one, in cashmere and stem cells in pink wool.
Under the account of "Chiara Ferragni Brand" the comments rain : "The ropes are beautiful – write the followers – but they cost too much, we can not pay, we are trying to have a baby!" . And also: “295 euros for a cord that I will only use for 9 months? It's crazy! “ Some users wonder if it is possible to reuse the cord even after the baby is born, as a sort of ultrafashion gastric tube.
But there are also many fans who defend the influencer: “It’s the cost of the ropes signed. If you can buy it, otherwise don’t, and keep your shitty rope ” . Meanwhile, another sale is underway.

Stefanu Pisani

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