Di Battista congratulates the Rays: “He has respected the ties of the two mandates”

Rome (Decasaleggizzato Municipality) – "I usually do not pay compliments to those involved in politics, fortunately I have never entered this circle of promises and falsehoods, but this time I really feel the need to congratulate the wonderful Virginia Raggi ." Thus Alessandro Di Battista , former member of the Five Star Movement, former deputy, former vice-chairman of the Committee on Foreign and Community Affairs and former member of the Centocelle Nightmare to a passerby who had only asked for the time.

" Here, I am pleased with the election result in the city of Rome, " he continued as he wrote a report on the Capitoline Umarell in Tibet, " and I must really congratulate Virginia Raggi on what she has done in recent years, commitment, dignity, the will to go against the strong powers but, above all, to have respected the rule of the two mandates which is sacred to me. I think every time someone sent me to that country, I would expect them to send me twice , otherwise I wouldn’t really feel at home. Thank you, Virginia . ”

" Because you see, " Di Battista continues as he caresses an alpaca puppy who has decided to stay with him after one of his travels, " I like people who are consistent, in life and in politics. I like those who, like Renzi, have always decided to chase their neighbors for their selfishness, I like those who, like Fassino, have always made a mistake in every possible political prediction, I like those who, like 'and my father, they have always voted far-right and continue to do so even now, I'm not telling you how satisfied he was when he was able to write Mussolini on paper… ah, but are you recording? Obviously jokingly, Dad voted for Dr. Seduction , the Party of Good Manners, on the other hand he has always been a gentleman of yesteryear, the most liberal fascist there is. One of those, yes, is for authoritarian drifting, but then it gives you a chocolate if you are a good subject ”.

" But let's just talk about my family, " Di Battista pauses, throwing a stick at one of his Sherpas. " Can I show you some pictures of my beautiful wife and my two male puppies?" Think of it as "Rhodes" and "Honesty" ; no, I don't always go back to the days when I was in politics, now I put a stone in it, like the one I like to put Luigi Di Maio, more or less as big as a pile. Because men do this: first they hit you, then they disappoint you and betray you. Men change you, and cry a thousand nights for it. But I'm stronger than he is, I 'm stronger than his lampposts and his rancid English , so much so that he'll come back to me, on the snow of Cortina. We were really there, all that happened next was just the desire to be able to, ”added a Battista man as he used a Honduran boy as a handkerchief.

" My applause, however, continues to go to Virginia Raggi, " concludes Di Battista, returning immediately to the subject, " because he took this city and with dignity, continuity and honesty did his best not to change shit." The bus was burning at its arrival and continues to burn now. The holes were there when he arrived and continue to be so now. The trash was on the way when it arrived and continues to be so now. This is the consistency. Not like Luigi Di Maio! Good Virginia, really good . '

But in the election he will see Michetti , a center-right candidate who broadcast the program two days before the election, and Gualtieri , a former finance minister in the Conte II government, who will vote. By Baptist for? " Neither of them bet on Nero's dress." It gave me a lot more confidence, at least I had a safe and limited program: to burn everything. Or at least that’s what I understand. Then, if you can, you'll burn only one thing: Esther's ministry, ”concludes Di Battista, as two men in white robes take him to a nursing home for honorable former members of the Five Star Movement.

Davide Paolino – Patrizio Smiraglia

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