EMA confirms: “The risks of the friendly zone outweigh the benefits”

Amsterdam – The European Medicines Agency met again, it is the fourth time today and it is only 11, to provide its answer on a phenomenon that, starting from a market in China (but some say it has been created in the laboratory), has now reached truly disturbing dimensions even in the European Union: the Friendzone theme .

EMA, after close consultation – which only calmed down when one of the racks was sent to make the purchase at the nearest coffee shop – and analysis of the available data, concluded that the dangers associated with the friendly zone are drastically higher positive consequences. “ After the checks carried out – explained an EMA representative – we can conclude that dealing with a friendly area relationship is harmful and that the risks far outweigh the benefits. But as long as you continue to ignore it and hope in 0.0003% of the probability that she will fall in love with you in turn or that she will at least make you feel better ”.

Dozens of protesters who have gathered in various European squares do not think so, arguing that the EMA is at the service of the demogiudoplastic conspiracy of producers of condoms and birth control pills and that the friendly zone brings more benefits than risks, starting from lower abdominal pain, perennial intricacies and compulsive listening to Laura Pausini and Michele Zarrillo.

Niccolò Premoli

The EMA article confirms: "The risks of the friendly zone outweigh the benefits" comes from Lercio .

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The EMA article confirms: “The risks of the friendly zone outweigh the benefits” comes from Latest News .

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