“Jesus dies and is born again”: YouTube closes the curate’s channel for false news

GOLGO (TA) – Following the case of Don Paolo di Cesena, who during a homily had given the falsehood of aborted fetuses used to obtain vaccines as true (while it is known that there are strangers in vaccines) another priest gets into a fake news scandal.

YouTube has in fact closed the channel of Don Messo Claudiora , curate of the church of Golgo, in the province of Taranto. Reason: spreading false news. Anyone who knows the priest’s channel knows that he hosted videos in which Don Messo told stories of unspecified angels and demons, re-launching articles every day about alleged miracles of people called “The Saint of the Day” and that, a again, an episode of "Straight and Reverse" was shared.

The channel "La Messa di Messo" had about 500,000 subscribers and almost 2,000 videos. It has not been visible for three days. Apparently, the account was closed after the classic process of some warning before the final blackout, and would have been sanctioned for spreading misinformation. “Resurrection from the dead, supernatural physical phenomena such as walking on water – in a period when there are restrictions on travel – tells of the transformation of water into wine, wine into blood, blood into blood. a different group… obviously all this false news was no longer tolerable ” commented Donald Puser , famous debunker and Latin American football player.

The first warning appears to have come around December 25th. Don Messo, at the time, had posted a video reporting the case of a Middle Eastern woman who had managed to give birth while remaining a virgin. In the video, you can see the priest who also built a model to physically represent the scene, with small miniatures of the characters, to better tell the story. Underneath the video were hundreds of comments from people who, strangely, claimed to believe in this event and even seemed to be organizing to celebrate it.

The second warning came in the first week of January and concerned a case where Don Messo denounced an alleged international smuggling of precious metals and myrrh; in the same video, the priest added that the comets could be used as satellite navigators (news later categorically denied by NASA). Finally, the video where Don Messo tells the story – in his opinion true and verified – of a man who would have been called "Jesus Al-Nazareth" and who would be resurrected from the dead, after three days of decomposition and apparently thanks to a sheet magic. At this point, the YouTube sanction has been lifted.

But Don Claudiora did not give up and immediately opened another YouTube account from which he had already announced that he would be fighting and demanding the restoration of his channel. In the video released this morning, the prelate denounces the abuse immediately and says he will appeal against this decision; not only that, the priest also speaks of irrefutable sources that attest to the veracity of the information that the priest spreads, including a very voluminous book whose title (short and in gold characters) of which Claudiora says, very confident, “This is the Gospel! “ . We’ll see how it plays out.

Stefanu Pisani

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