Led Zeppelin announces the meeting: “We will make a cover album Måneskin”

SAINT REMUS (UK) – A bomb has rocked the world of rock: Led Zeppelin has announced an unexpected reunion, which will be celebrated with the recording of a Måneskin cover album .

Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones have decided to return to play together after attending performances by Damiano and his teammates in Sanremo. Plant himself explained to Rolling Stone : “We were looking forward to Orietta Berti’s performance – we’ve been following her with affection since we opened one of her concerts in '69 – but we were literally impressed by these 4 guys who sounded like and we’ve always wanted to do it ourselves. We realized we had the golden opportunity to leave again a picture on the history of rock by singing its songs ”.

All members of the English band were enthusiastic, but also intimidated by this enterprise. Jimmy Page: "I do not if I play riffs virtuosichi Thomas Rays. I will try to study a series of simplified agreements ”. John Paul Jones: "I'm honored to learn the bass lines of Victoria De Angelis . It is a great privilege for me to be able to learn from a rocker: after so many years I have realized that the real problem of rock is patriarchy ”. At the battery, instead of the old John Bonham, Lars Ulrich of Metallica was called: "Misuràmi with percussion Ethan Torchio give me the opportunity I finally respected in the world of rock and to win all who they took me by the ass ”.

Robert Plant: “I learned Italian to sing his songs. I realized that English is not the right language for rock. I’ve always worked hard, but I came out only with banal words like this: There’s a lady who is safe / Everything that shines is gold / And buys a ladder to heaven. I will never be able to reach these peaks: So Marlena comes home feeling the cold here / Then Marlena comes home I don't want to wait any longer. You can finally read something critical and music Andrea Scanzi!

The new album will be called Led Zeppelin IVI , with an evocative graphic design reminiscent of the legendary Led Zeppelin IV, which represents the ideal sequel, and M. de Måneskin. The beginning of the recordings, scheduled for these days, slips due to an unexpected event: Robert Plant, to improve on the part, had sent Damiano's ballroom ball home, but in his first attempt at Basic Hook acquired acute lumbar sciatica, judged curable in the fourth week.

Andrea Michielotto

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