Legal euthanasia: you can shout “Neapolitan pizza sucks!” Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples

ROME – Following the successful collection of signatures for legal euthanasia , the bill is due to arrive in the House on October 25 and instead everything has been postponed to the end of November. The Free Committee, promoter of the signature collection (which has deposited more than a million), is now very concerned: "I sincerely fear that given the interpreters, soon the only thing that should be removed could be this bill . "

In fact, the policy does not always have a concrete idea of ​​the right date that can put everyone in agreement on the next referral and all subsequent ones until buried. On the other hand, she is currently busy discussing much more important things. For example, it would now be absolutely impossible to ignore the debate that arose after Lilli Gruber's statements on the voice of Mario Giordano, not to mention the enormous effort that today together with Confindustria supports to make people believe. publishes that all of the world’s problems, from global warming to the crisis in the Middle East, are due to the recipients of Citizenship Performance.

Meanwhile, from the Palace, someone tried to calm the spirits: "We will definitely discuss the proposal." We thought of two dates: the day Ligabue didn’t write a shitty song or, alternatively, the day before the Sun became a red giant. That’s a promise. ”

Meanwhile, among the most hopeful, there are already those who look ahead and are thinking of proposing some changes to make it even easier for those who want to resort to euthanasia.

One of the most important things when talking about such a delicate topic, in fact, is the absolute certainty of being able to choose a practice that is humane and above all fast, to reduce to zero the chances of experiencing pain at the moment. to pass.

Therefore, a proposal came from Campania that would finally tend to exploit the useless Italian parish for a good purpose. In fact, there would be the possibility to do the treatment as soon as possible and without pain in Naples. You just have to go to Piazza del Plebiscito and, with the help of a megaphone, shout that Neapolitan pizza sucks. Industry experts, such as those from Taffo, have calculated that death in such a case should be faster than ingesting 100 ml of Alpine Black Mamba poison.

Immediately, in this sense, he started a solidarity contest. Siena and Rome have also said they are available. In Siena it would be enough to go to the Piazza del Camp shouting that the Palio of Siena is a useless competition, which only serves to make the poor horses suffer and to entertain the barbarians. In Rome, on the other hand, there are several alternatives, from : "What the fuck are you proud of for monuments, you didn't build them, even if only for you they were already covered in rubbish" to "Brignano". it's not funny ” and “ Zerocalcare doesn't know how to speak Italian ”.

Next door, even our future President of the Republic , Knight Silvio Berlusconi, announced that he will fight for this law to be discussed and approved as soon as possible : “I am always available to support the laws of civilization, as long as we are . talking about the deaths of others ”.

Fabio Corigliano

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