Tennis elbow for Khaby Lame, next 200 videos in danger

Turin (TO) – " A simple accident, but it could have frightening consequences, " is the voice of Luca Salasso , one of the emergency doctors who rushed to a public park in Turin on the spot. The victim of what could have been a tragedy is Khaby Lame , the second most famous tiktoker in the world, who in less than a year and a half has become a world star with his funny videos in which he ridicules other famous videos that they ridicule other famous videos that ridicule people who laugh at the famous videos they ridicule.

Khaby, born in 2000, Senegalese resident in Chivasso but without Italian citizenship due to some absurd laws that are still in force in 2021 and that no man has ever been able (or wanted) to change in recent years, was at Valentine’s Park, in Turin, with some of his friends. The company had tried to take advantage of one of the last warm days of autumn for a short day of rest in the city park and the boy, fearing to be recognized by his fans and then canceled by the selfie request and autographed, he immediately declared to be one of Salernitana’s midfielders , causing general disinterest.

" The day went well but then the crime happened… ", explains Salasso, instead of carrying out his task of doctor and rescuer, " the boy was on the lawn watching some video to read, when a couple of ideas attracted him his attention: the first was about a guy who decided to open a Parliament like a can of tone , it was certainly a silly idea, but many people believed him and it was heartbreaking. Khaby imagined a parody video in which he would enter Parliament simply by opening the front door. I'm sorry, but I'm laughing just thinking about it! “.

The second video he found on TikTok trying to avoid watching ballet girls dressed in micro costumes for hours, was that of a guy who played tennis but with ping pong rackets. One of those stupid videos you’ve been watching on the Internet for hours and you just need to disconnect your brain and avoid thinking about your family or the sadness of your existence, in short. The video was certainly funny even if it was surreal and this sparked Khaby’s idea of ​​a parody, ”Salasso continues, avoiding answering other emergency calls that came during the interview.

Opportunity makes the man tiktoker but he leaves his hand , say the most polite, or someone who has suffered a stroke , explains Salasso,” and Khaby had decided to take a normal tennis racket and go to court. of tennis to remind everyone that tennis is played with a tennis racket and not with a ping pong racket. Simple for you, but for him this stuff makes him make a hundred million hearts online, damn it for me that I didn’t study Tiktokeria at university, ”complains Salasso indifferently as a man is hit by a heart attack in front of the eyes.

“Filming on the reel, or whatever it’s called, has been going on for quite a while because Khaby, who is a perfectionist, has never been happy with his famous gesture that could call a kind of workhorse like the “ I was me to do this? 'and Steve Urkel. In short, I’m talking about the thing he does with his hands that means “it’s simple, you could have done that, asshole,” which is actually a genius, damn him and the daughters in front of him, ”Salasso continues. more and more indignant.

In short: after a hundred laps, his elbow started to hurt and all his frightened teammates called an ambulance, in fact a visit to the hospital might be enough but just 113 learned that there was a midfielder from Salernitana, the company’s only Salerno paramedic insisted on going on stage. I won't tell you how bad it was: don't get me wrong! “.

The diagnosis was, of course, the tennis elbow: an injury that put poor Khaby Lame in the pits for a while to recover from the pain and inflammation that had developed in the tendons of the famous tiktoker. " An injury like this means at least two hundred fewer videos on his social networks, because he has not been able to realize the gesture that made him famous, " explains Dr. De Marinis who appeared random to sell morphine syringes in the park, “ a great loss for young people, a great time to give someone else the chance to invent some better shit, ” the doctor concluded.

And how did Khaby get it? ” Well, ” explains one of his friends who is really a Salernitana player, “ he’s fine and he’s already created two or three sketches in which he uses his feet to point things out instead of his hands, he invented the new trend of the future. I think Amazon Prime is already trying to write a fiction about him, in the manner of the Ferragnez, but without the Codacons complaints, at least until they realize he’s black and makes money. Let no one tell you, please! “.

Davide Paolino

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