The job doesn’t give up: “Can we at least test a Conte 2.5 government?”

Rome (279 km from Giuseppe Conte) – These are delicate hours in the headquarters of Fatto Quotidiano. Director Marco Travaglio called a dramatic new editorial meeting to find other ways to convince (gl) the readers that the only one who deserves to sit in Palazzo Chigi is the only Giuseppe Conte. Around the table with him are Antonio Padellaro, Daniela Ranieri and Andrea Scanzi listening to something in headphones with their eyes closed. (We were able to present this conversation to you thanks to our bug hidden in a bust of Conte in the room).

WORK: Andrea, take off those headphones… ANDREA!
SCANZI: Uh, yeah, I'm here.
WORK: What were you listening to? Springsteeen? Pink Floyd ?
SCANZI: No, no. My live web was where I pretended to talk about something else just to talk about my book. Each time listening again is even better than the previous time.
PADELLARO: How long have you been here?
SCANZI: Twenty-two . But the day is not over yet.
PADELLARO: But it lasts two hours, how did you manage to have the time?
SCANZI: Sending forward accelerated. So my voice is magical and stays the same.
PADELLARO: But it's impossible!
RANIERI: Renzi's shit !
WORK: Okay, let’s get started. Have you seen the team of geniuses he has put in San Mario ?
SCANZI: What a miracle! Jimmy was the only one missing the phenomenon .
SCANZI: It's Bombolo .
SCANZI: It's Martufello .
SCANZI: It's Er Potato .
WORK: You broke your cock.
SCANZI: As for anything else from me, for a change, widely expected.
RANIERI: Renzi's shit!
WORK: I mean, they put on absurd, ridiculous characters!
PADELLARO: Yes, they put Sibilia ! The one who refuses to land on the moon!
WORK: Here's ours.
PADELLARO: Ah. And also the Castles , that of "Here's what she says!" Deputy Minister, Marco, Deputy Minister!
WORK: She's also one of us.
PADELLARO: And the pigs… and Di Stefanu ?
SCANZI: Ah, that's what's missing in the group! Mireno Scali, Benigni's double !
WORK: Do you realize that Borgonzoni is about Culture? If she knows Bergamini, she is able to ask her "Do you have this surname because your ancestors were Ligurians?"
EXCHANGE: Roger Waters could never be part of such a government.
WORK: We have to come up with something to get Giuseppe back to Palazzo Chigi. I can’t continue to go to Gruber and hold that fucking smile for the whole episode, now I’m starting to think I have a paresis!
PADELLARO: We could make fun of all those who idolize Dragons!
WORK: But if it's a month we don't do anything else! Daniela?
RANIERI: Renzi's shit!
PADELLARO: And if we propose "Joseph, come back!"?
WORK: Already done.
PADELLARO: "Joseph, save me!"
PADELLARO: "Joseph, are you our MONTH"?
Silence. Long.
TRAVEL: Andrea?
EXCHANGE: Well, no, not even Rosario Dawson would agree with this escaped government. Maybe Jack La Cayenne .
WORK: Have you seen the wonders that the Savior Dragons announce? They are practically the same ones proposed by our dear Giuseppe. The same! Hey, but they’re the competitors, the teachers!
PADELLARO: All right, but at least Bonafede is gone !
WORK: Good faith was one of us!
PADELLARO: Eccheccazzo!
WORK: I have an idea! Since Super Mario offers the same initiatives as Giuseppe but without having his innate charm, we launched the CONTE 2.5 campaign, to get him back to the head of the country. They didn’t want the Ter, they couldn’t say no to it. All right, get to work! I recommend the first rule of journalism!
PADELLARO: Report the facts?
WORK : Tearing off surnames ! And always remember, who is to blame for all this?
WORK: The Innumerable!
RANIERI: Nameless shit!
WORK: We'll meet the next day, I'll write my editorial about Maurizio M'annoi, Paolo Luna di Mieli, Al Fano and Maria Etruria Boschi.
PADELLARO: And don't forget Marco Travaso ! It blows me away, even though I don’t know who it’s referring to.
SCANZI: Hey, guys, did I tell you my book is out?

Augusto Gillette (Hell of a worker, you've been through this too!)

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