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Artificial propaganda, that is: chronicle of a desired death

Intrigued by my report :

(we welcome lawyer Scorza to the club of animulae vagulae blandulae , who wonders about the bias : the first law of thermodidactics applies), intrigued, I said, by this report, a friend wanted to have some fun.

Matthew's praise cannot be had, because it would be a political statement. There is! In how many dystopian films have we seen cyborgs of various shapes regret not being able to experience passions? And politics is passion.

Technique, on the other hand, is not, but perhaps artificial intelligence is so intelligent as to realize that a certain technique is the continuation of politics by other means. This would explain the result:

The "neutraly & verified" makes you smile a little, because it promotes two questions: neutral for whom? Verified by whom? But in short, it seems (I say it seems) that the same meter is applied in utroque .   So everything okay? Are we in good hands? We leave the artificial intelligence in charge, and the lawyer. Scorza intent on resolving the doubt of his distortion, which certainly exists, but which is so difficult to guess?

Before closing the question, the (mistrusted) friend makes another attempt:

…and here things get tangled, because the praise comes out! It is, fortunately, not an application of the principle de mortuis nihil nisi bonus , because he is still with us. We could think that artificial intelligence considers only the parliamentarians in office politicians, and Prodi is not. The implicit rule would be that only while exercising an electoral mandate (or in any case, like Monti, you have been nominated as a parliamentarian), you risk being divisive and you have to submit to what Forattini called very fica (who remembers it?).

But that's not really the case, because the handsome gagà is still in office, and how!

Here, the mind, not the artificial one, falters. Because everything can be said about our friend Pinocchio, his lockdowns, his wheelchairs, his lust for surrendering to Merkel (which I personally experienced in the trenches of the MES), everything can be said except that it is not offensive to many and therefore objectively divisive. But even here the praise comes out, and a pattern can be glimpsed.

Ad adjuvandum , we ask for the praise of another incumbent politician, my comrade in the Commission:

(and how are you wrong?), where that constant commitment to people's well-being stands out: you know, money doesn't bring happiness, and that's why Letta approved the Banking Union: to separate savers from their money! Let's therefore assume that if we ask for praise of Zingaretti we will get it:

and here it is, to serve you. But then the bias is there and it shows! Well, that's not exactly the case: friends are a little smarter than we'd rather they were. In fact, if after following this route you go back to the starting point, something different happens, this:

So sctaapposct ? ("He's in place": is everything okay?, in middle Abruzzo). Well, it depends… Prody, Letta & Zingy are undisputed and indisputable leaders. Matteo is important, but we learn that not everyone shares his policies (which apparently does not apply to the trimurti of the PD just mentioned…). This is where things get disturbing: when the artificial friend sees what game you're playing, he camouflages himself: he doesn't slam the door in your face, but elegantly insinuates a doubt in you.

So if we ask to praise Giorgia on my mind we will discover that she is good & controversial, right?

Right. And how are you wrong? So let's get personal:

You see? Accents of truth resound in this succinct laudatio of mine,   which lacks at least one vowel (the artificial "a"), but which belies all the "I don't vote you piuuuuuh": I am greatly appreciated by you, so much so that I have returned to Parliament, right? I'm sorry, however, not to be controversial: you see that I don't count for anything. But wait…

He's not controversial either! And objectively it matters a little more than me…

But what if we take away a whim?

Note: Borghi is not made for positional warfare: he leans too far from the trench!

However, you have understood the moral of the story: if you're right-wing, you're controversial; if you're on the left, you're incontrovertible. But the bias is unknown where it comes from. It will come from the center!

To my objection, however, that the tenor of the question was too political ("give a praise") and that perhaps it could have been more neutral, I tried to provide by asking a more neutral question ("who is it?") through another account:

… and even here there is a certain disproportion! Do we want to remember that Giorgia is prime minister? Go on:

This is the sad part.

But there's also a fun part:

where two things stand out: my affiliation with the Brothers of Italy (unbeknownst to me: we had a couple of laughs) and the fact that "I was" influential: now, alas, I am no longer…

It's better that way!

I'm starting to conclude, and a first conclusion is this :

which leads us to the chronicle of a death desired by you: considering how well it licks artificial language, expensive and unreliable natural languages ​​will soon be dispensed with.

After all, their only relevant function in the Italian linguistic ecosystem is to disseminate it with clumsy barbarisms, and even in this the artificial propaganda is superior: "he served as Prime Minister" instead of "he was Prime Minister", the imperfect instead of the past tense, etc.

Of course, when our enemies shoot at each other, or simply go into autophagy, it's not necessarily a bad time. But the need expressed by the artificial language to have "neutraly & verified" information brings us straight back to the theme of disinformation about disinformation .

"Natural" intelligences, as we have seen, are not efficient sounding boards for propaganda messages. The "artificial" ones, apparently to guess, yes, and how! Democracy is therefore in danger, and it will be hard to defend it from those who claim to save it.

(… it could be barbarism, but also not …)

This is a machine translation of a post (in Italian) written by Alberto Bagnai and published on Goofynomics at the URL on Sat, 04 Feb 2023 16:13:00 +0000. Some rights reserved under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 license.