Goofynomics in 10 posts (I’ll try again)

(… making yourself understood is very difficult and by the way it is not even said that it is always useful. However, our ancestors pass on to us that repetita juvant, and therefore I repeat it to you in Europeanese, based on one of the many COMs that arrive on the table …)


Seen this blog.

Seen the opinion of its author (ie me).

Considering the following:

(1) The blog, with its 2068 posts, now exceeds, very badly counted, the 16,309 pages, that is (at 2000 characters per page), the 32,619,327 characters, that is, to seven characters per word (considering a space and considering that I tend to use a bit long words: the average up to "long" is 6.13 characters per word, while the statistics give slightly lower averages ), about 4,659,903 words, or 3.68 times The search for lost time ( from which we have plundered entire passages ).

(2) Not everyone has read Proust four times, and therefore, si magna licet , we can happily accept that hardly anyone has read Bagnai once.

(3) Reiterated the fact that not understanding what you read is a fundamental human right, for which the European Union works with particular alacrity by writing illegible rules, and that this blog has protected by adopting a particularly repulsive approach and introducing the category of bliss .

(4) It is therefore necessary to define reading paths that allow new readers to access a humanly sustainable number of articles in the post, possibly linked by a common thread.

(5) In particular, in order to update the Getting started section , it is necessary to enrich it with a political reading path that illustrates for what reasons in the current European context who is animated by a genuine spirit of human and social solidarity towards the most fragile classes and of real openness and acceptance towards other peoples can only side with a conservative party.

(6) This need is increased by the emergence of repeated and insistent episodes of defamation of the work carried out here by all of us, episodes that, in addition to having an answer in the competent judicial offices (where the latest news reports allow us to believe that their penalty), must first of all have an answer on the cultural level.

(7) A previous request in this sense addressed to the community of readers has generated a rash access of bliss referred to in recital number 3, resulting in an unmanageable mixed fry of rambling and verbose expressions of affection without any posting, or in the indication of the most illegible posts because they are more technical and less political, and therefore absolutely unusable for the purposes highlighted in recital number 5.

(8) The analysis of the responses highlighted a clear preference for The novel of the center and of the suburbs and for the rescues that will not save us , although it had been explicitly clarified that this last post, being the first of the blog, would still have been inserted in any reading path, and it was therefore perfectly useless to mention it.

(9) The counting of readers' preferences led to a list of 96 posts (including the first, which had been asked not to consider), corresponding statistically to 219,963 words, i.e. a text situated in terms of size between Moby Dick and Joyce's Ulysses.

(10) Reiterated that those who have not understood so far deserve everything (and in fact are having it), but that humanitarian reasons forbid imposing such a heavy reading path on them.

(11) Remembering that the 95 posts listed (96 minus the first, which in any case is considered included in the path), are, in alphabetical order:

1992 the slight inaccuracies of the Corsera
A mortgage payment
In Ascanio known as Julo
Amatrice dormitio virginis
Informal hearing in the finance committee
Azincourt a European history
BDSM lampredotto
Brexit (again)
Brexit: a few figures
Dear Emiliano, I am writing to you
Who has betrayed us and who is betraying us
Confidence between leftists
What do you know about greece
What do you know about productivity
what do you know about treachery
Chronicle of an announced chrysias
Debt and corruption in the world
Euro flexibility productivity decline
Dixit dominus
Do you remember me volume II
Endogenous money for dummies
Euro a catastrophe announced
Eurodelict and Eurocastigo
It was true Gloria
The collaborators
Readers of covers and content
Poor things are dangerous
Rates will soar
FDI those that the euro protects us
The good, the bad and the Azerbaijani
The dividend of the euro reloaded
The Furbini method
The juncker method
The juncker method and neuroscience
NO to the media
The novel of the center and the periphery
Keynes vs Scores
Keynesianism for Ladies 1
Keynesianism for ladies 2
The crisis, the clearance sale and thunder
Piddino's philosophy: inflation and maieutics
germany and the eurozone crisis
the locomotive of europe
The night of S. Lorenzo goofy4
Resistance to the euro
Health and the crisis
The victory of tsipras
The arithmetic of public debt
Austerity hurts
Mobile work or escalator
Giampiero Friedman's quick recipes
The liberalist's mistake
Europe wants it: Goofy on Byoblu
The exit of the redux euro
Maastricht and the arithmetic of public debt
Clean hands could it work?
Marina and Gianluca
Lie and truth
I make myself a present
MMT no thanks for now
Monti fact checking
Don't look me in the face on March 24th
One year later (Brexit)
Orthoptera and ducklings
Orthoptera and ducklings
PD delendum est
For the balls
Because women no longer have children
Small dictionary not to pass
Award winning hellas armory 1
Award-winning hellas armory 2
Productivity wages crisis logarithms
QED 37 germany summary for politicians
QED 52 greece at the time of the troika
QED 53
Qed 73 because women no longer have children
QED custom-built
How much is a rose worth
Those we do the referendum
Renxit: why not vote for PD
If I know moguls all whimper
Sechiular staghnieiscion
Seventy years of peace
Print coin
Printing money the Italian experience
On conservatism
Devaluation and wages ad usum piddini
Third globalization and May 1st
The awanagana approach to monetary theory and policy
An annoying useless fall in style
Vamva who
Zingy 3 exchange and self-racism

(12) The posts listed in recital 11 will hereafter be referred to as the "named" posts.
Article 1 – Vote for the most significant posts. The readers of the blog have the right, starting from the publication of the following post and until midnight on 2 June 2020, to vote in the comments at the bottom of this post from a minimum of one (because zero would not make sense) to a maximum of ten blog posts chosen from the nominee list referred to in recital 11.
Article 2Causes of exclusion. Comments indicating further posts, or not indicating any post, will be sent serenely to spam.
Article 3European general clause. Eventually I'll do as I please, but thanks for believing it.
Done in Barrea on 1st June 2020.
(… tomorrow is the feast of the Republic, and I will be in the square in Avezzano. Make sense of this happy anniversary by helping me to select intelligently – bliss should not be underestimated, but here we need intelligence, which is not intelligence, but of let's talk about this again – posts that can help us de-piddinize those brothers of ours who are currently wavering. The important thing is to give up, and I taught you this, but sometimes it can also be useful to insist … )

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