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Sorry alessandro (sic), but the senator is right: "let's say things, because even saying them is respect, but only once, and then let's move on." So don't insist. If Alberto prides himself in his reply to ignore your precise political criticisms, what do you do? Insist?! It is obviously wasted time. This blog was a cultural project where intellectual honesty was used as a weapon. Now this is no longer the case. Do you think Alberto doesn't know? Do you think it's easy for him to swallow the toads he's swallowing? So alessandro really, don't insist, but watch and pass.

Published by Stefano Longagnani on   Goofynomics on 9 Aug 2022, 02:15 on 9 Aug 2022, 02:15

Another painful case of coloncardia, which makes me very sad. Stefano has come a long way with us. He enriched this blog with not particularly original, but sensible remarks. Then, like so many others, he unveiled himself, forcing me to block him on Twitter, and like all those spit out of Goofynomics' mouth he began to entangle himself in the coils of a futile and sterile grudge, which does (or would do) his intelligence wrong!

I make it simple. It is not generally true that one is worth one, and therefore it is not true here either. Here you are divided in two: who arrived first (of 2018) and who arrived later. Whoever arrived first, in turn, splits in two. Who understood these words when he read them:

and who has not understood them.

The "pandemics" fall into the latter category.

Helped by the 27 who ran, as long as the hardness of life struck the others they limited themselves to a motion of pleased "digestive" indignation, of the same type as the one that assails the piddino at the vision of an episode of Report: the gallbladder is activated in the fictional show of the nth crime of the bad guys, the bile moves, emulsifying in the duodenum the fats of a dinner made because we could afford it, and then we fall asleep peacefully, thinking that tomorrow someone will think about injustices, and that a lot of us no one will come looking for us …


"There are no limits" (cit.) Means that the hardness of life will come to seek everyone! And then, when he knocks on the door, the rational reaction, or at least human, would seem to me to be if not gratitude towards those who tried to warn, at least not hinder him. If I understood before you that it was not a game, it is not my fault, just as it is perhaps not your fault if you understood it after me. What was true yesterday is all the more true today, but from those who yesterday did not understand very well who the enemy was, today I do not accept suggestions on how to fight it, much less little lice of intellectual honesty as a loser, which are only the final seal on their not having understood nothing about how a political battle is fought.

We are always there, it is always the same circus with the same beasts in the same cage. It is up to you to decide whether to look at it from the inside or from the outside. As a compass I suggest the sense of ridicule. Call a similar bray "timely political criticism":

of a poor man who visibly knows neither where he is nor what he is saying nor how he should sincerely write it moves to a compassionate smile, tinged with sadness at the thought of that I thought was, wrongly, the intelligence of his friend Stefano.

Where is the politics in these words? We are waiting for September 26th, since some of you need it (being differently perceptive), and those who, already at the time, did not know how to first evaluate the strategies of the grillini for what they were (only here we did it and we were right) will be forced to understand later, from the results, the value and objectives of the strategies of the new grillini, the pandemics, those who have replaced honesty with truth.

But there is a difference: the grillini played in the attack, the pandemics in defense. The former could count on a discreet war machine, and on a charismatic leader, the latter only on the bank that is offered to them from an instrumental point of view by the Piddini media.

A little bit, I'm afraid …

But this interests me little. I look with amused condescension at those who advocate a 3% League since they never voted for it!

But we are not talking about this here.

Here we are talking about a man, Stefano, who is perfectly aware of the fact that, as for years I have sweated blood here sharing your anguish, so now for the role I have decided to play every now and then I have to swallow some nice toads. And in full awareness of this, this man instead of lending me solidarity, decides to attack me and tarnish me, thus giving support to those who, in my party, legitimately support visions different from mine and from those of many others.

If this is a man.

Surely he is no longer a member of this community and not for his political positions, but for his human depth. It is understandable why some people talk about intellectual honesty and betrayal when they know the path. If I swallow toads, in silence, I swallow them for you. When others swallow them, I'm not happy anyway and I don't glory in it: it's not a game!

But it is precisely this that friends like Stefano, despite their "indinniation", did not understand and probably will never understand …

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