Political cretinism, or coloncardia

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O Romeo, Romeo! Why are you Romeo?

"We need a new government headed by you as president because we esteem you and you are authoritative. The alternative would essentially be that the President of the Republic dissolves the Chambers, rejecting his resignation, and you would essentially remain in office with full powers so as to carry out those reforms that serve the NRR and then give the word to the Italians ”.

I would say that here is everything (including Pnrr :-), the rest is (his) hatred.

Yours truly.

Posted by MANZUT in Goofynomics on Jul 22, 2022, 11:25 am

Yet I had given you the tools well in advance , and even if you had the abstraction ability of an avocet, Claudio Borghi illustrated in detail ex post the development of the government crisis in this video:

also clarifying the meaning of Romeo's speech, the move with which offering Draghi an encore Draghi put him in checkmate. But there is nothing to be done!

To many, Romeo's speech made us think of another speech, this one:

because he masterfully traced, and I believe not involuntarily (even if it is right that our opponents underestimate us), the logical scheme, which, I remember to those suffering from coloncardia, is this .

As Céline says, "pour que dans le cerveau d'un couillon, la pensée fasse un tour, il faut qu'il lui arrive beaucoup de choses et de bien cruelles". We are therefore happy for our friend Manzut, who evidently had a peaceful life (hence a certain viscosity of his respectable thinking).

Peaceful life elsewhere, not here, because his journey with us ends here.

Here the elite bodies are formed.

Those who need the choses bien cruelles (including needle) we entrust them to another viewer: life.

(… with a heart full of shit, one lives badly and is useless to oneself and to others, but by now I have understood that it is a malformation, and I, who am neither a psychoanalyst nor a psychiatrist, am not even a surgeon . While I may be tempted to do so, it would be unethical of me to open up to you and try to solve the problem. So look elsewhere … )

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