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Politics for a new world

We will talk about it this evening at 9 pm at the Grand Hotel Barone di Sassj in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan), the Stalingrad of Lombardy, with Claudio Borghi, Jari Colla and Silvia Sardone.

(… but, as we said to each other, these announcements are superfluous, because this blog has never existed, you have never existed, or, if you have existed, you have decided not to understand what was moreover evident: in politics they count numbers, but they only matter if they are visible – and if this blog had existed it would have contributed to making them visible – and they only matter if they appear in the ballot box at the right time. good, good, talkative, intelligent, witty, far-sighted, etc., but the Legaaaaaah!11!1! But the candidate Pirillazzi of Fanfullago di Sotto who on February 31, two thousand one-words saidoooooh!!1!1 But Draghiiiiiii!111!", behold, this cloying little song reconciles me with your non-existence – as well as being the cause of it: better to deal with nothing and nobody than with the devastating, uncontainable, annihilating force of stupidity! Yes, because one must be stupid, but very , very, very stupid, not to pors I ask a question, the simplest of questions: "Why do I need a strong candidate in a weak party?" Those who have followed me since I wrote in the Manifesto, if they existed, could understand for themselves, without needing me to explain it to them, how much certain candidates, their positions, their anthropology, may or may not coincide with mine, and how much in the internal dialectic of the party for which I am responsible for the economy we can find ourselves on the same side or on opposite sides. The fact is that, even if you don't want to realize it, it makes no sense to vote for a person and weaken the party in which he militates. The only result that will be obtained, with this gesture that wants to be considered a vengeful justice, that wants to represent a culmination of Machiavellian astuteness, is to weaken the person who has voted for himself: weaken his contractual weight at the various tables with allies and opponents, weaken his image, and therefore that of the battles he supports within his own party. It would therefore be a welcome gesture, at least, not to waste time with a spout of completely ultron compliments, to which, as you may have… indeed: you would have noticed, if you existed, despite my strenuous attempts to (not) hide it, I react with a undisguised annoyance. Because whoever pays you lots of compliments or wants to kill you or in any case will kill you without meaning to: and I prefer to play in advance. It goes without saying that since you don't exist, killing yourself is superfluous, but we understand each other.

On the other hand, that's how you are.

The same forma mentis that leads you, like good fuuuuuuuuuuuuurbi, to weaken "your" candidates within the party that exists, is also the one that forces you to abort any effort to build the party that does not exist, the anti-everything one. The particulal does not take off because everyone thinks they are better than the others and everyone wants to vote only for the candidate who exactly reflects their positions, that is, ultimately, for themselves. A logic that, if applied, would lead us to have 60 million parties in a country that has reduced parliamentarians by 30%! Isn't it clear that something is wrong? I tell all of you readers: the first compromise that politics teaches us to make in order to have meaning and a chance of success is the one with ourselves. Those who love themselves too much to compromise themselves, to tarnish the dazzling image of themselves in their critical and supercilious eyes, are kindly requested to purchase a Carrara marble column, have it erected out of the way and go there to live in splendid and uncorrupted solitude . I tell my constituents, those from Abruzzo, to do the math: the "punitive" vote ("I don't vote for him because he didn't answer my phone, I don't vote for him because he smiled at Gentilozzi, I don't vote for him because Piripicchio is the candidate to the municipality of Roncobollito, etc."), this vote here ends up rewarding whoever it wants to punish, or, in the best case scenario, punishing who it wants to reward. If you decide to go into politics, and to do it with the parties, at the decisive moment, which is that of voting, there is only one right thing to do: move and support the team. Everything else will resolve itself sooner or later in a boomerang, it will translate into the classic "cutting your balls off to spite your wife". The wife, having elaborated the more or less great mourning, then finds her to do… )

(… you will excuse this long discourse on the method. The merit of the question is always the same, we have talked about it for years, nothing has changed except to confirm our positions. Maybe we will start again to explain them to the newcomers. The two principles remain unaffected that have guided me from the beginning. The first is that however passionate I may be in defending an intellectual or political position, I was fine where I was, I'm fine where I am, I'll be fine where I'll be, because basically I don't care: I'm aware of being mortal and of not being able to change history, one tries, but one always tries to keep lucidity. The second, complementary, is that those who have longed for a certain world so much, but also those who have left, out of indifference, out of convenience , that others wished it for him, he has the full right to enjoy it, while in my opinion he has not the fullest right to complain about it.After that, on what the EU is, what the PD is, and what chocolate is, we will entertain… indeed: we would entertain this evening in Sesto, if you existed. But you have decided to go ashore, like any beluga, and therefore, with your permission, I discreetly distance myself… )

(… solution: they are the same thing …)

(… the time to push is now …)

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