The program

(… the last time I asked you for help, you were very efficient and helpful. You allowed me to mine – even if only partially – a fair amount of other people's filth, something that others have been grateful for and of which I have shared the I deserve it with you. I'll tell you about it when I get nervous. Now I ask you for a different help: we are doing the program. I'd like to know what you would wear … )

What I think of iProgrammi I think I have told you live and I will not repeat it here. Yet, although in some ways (which I have explained to you) you find it a frustrating exercise, the drafting of the program has had its usefulness: it has helped me to remember many things that I have managed to do in this legislature, from this to this one. . There is no "Bagnai law" on cooperative credit or flat tax for foreign pensioners: the traces of what little I have managed to do are more hidden than those of the much I have not been able to do, but the much has not. I did no one, I did the little, and that's enough for me.

Now let's look ahead.

I'll briefly explain how we are organized. The coordinator of the departments, sen. Armando Siri solicits the contributions from the various department heads and elaborates them in a single document. Furthermore, together with my group leader, sen. Massimiliano Romeo, identifies the common points with the center-right allies, those that can characterize the coalition program because there is already an agreement on them (on other issues it will be built, or not: we will see). Today I had a rather complex day ahead of me and so I woke up at 5 to put in an organic document the contributions that had arrived to me from the heads of the various areas of the department (banks, markets, tax authorities, budget, Europe). At 10:30 I sent them to the Siri secretariat and started my pilgrimage (which ended at 21:34 and included the opening of the house by the sea, visit to the hardware store on Casilina under the plume of smoke from the fire in Cinecittà, organizational meetings and politics in L'Aquila, stroll up to S. Bernardino to relieve stress, and return to the base).

Now I have (we have) 48 hours to finish the document.

Given that I am in charge of coordinating the economic area, so it is perfectly useless that especially those who have recently been here come to explain to me what I know in other areas, especially if it is the only thing that interests them, if instead you have varied interests and also something that is important to you in the economic field, write it in the comments and I will try to do everything possible between now and Wednesday to include it in the program (assuming that I am convinced and that it is not already there).

I trust you: good work.

(… note: I give you the same time that was given to me, and I too, like you, had other things to do. Since everyone is very good at speaking, let's see if you manage to write. Another merit of the program is that it is written. How the signatures are written, those signatures that the phenomena who wanted us to make Draghi fall were not ready to collect once Draghi fell – and therefore now they blame us for sabotaging them! is delightfully amateurish and paradoxical: it will be a short but hilarious election campaign … )

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