The rules (# goofy9)

(… but let's take a step back, and let's go back to the good times when, thanks to conformity and the gross underestimation of factual truth by information operators, we were less visible, and therefore freer …)

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow we will meet to be us, because this is enough for us: it is something that many would like to have but no one can take away from us. However, we will have the intelligence to understand that the path in which we are inserted, and which is destined to continue for a while longer, requires tactical foresight.

I would like to remind you that thanks to this path, all of you have learned who respects the rules in Europe.

For information operators, as is universally known, only Germany respects them.

We, on the other hand, have a more articulated vision of the world, closer to the facts, and less slave to certain inferiority complexes which, if in Italy they are fully justified in the case of the media, they are decidedly less so in the case of citizens! In short: ours is a Weltanschauung for Europeans, not for Europeanists.

For example, we know, you know (largely because you have read it here), that our nice Nordic brothers, having wanted the 3% rule in the Maastricht Treaty in 1992, and having strengthened it in 1997 with the Stability Pact and growth, violated it in 2003 and 2004 (as a consequence of massive deficit financing of the well-known labor market reforms ) and changed it as the only solution in 2005, except to go back to it in 2011 to exacerbate it when Greece was in trouble . Incidentally, this blog was born on the same day as the Six pack , or more exactly as part of it (the regulations from 1173 to 1176 of 2011) and was born precisely to say nine years before what everyone says nine years later, namely that austerity it was the wrong way and that Monti's bailouts would not have saved us ). Among other things, on that very day Monti began to demolish the country by taking a path that he himself knew was wrong .

But let's stay on the subject, that of Nordic respect for the rules …

After having tightened them in 2011, these rules that so much stability and so much growth had to bring, this year our attentive Nordic brothers, so attentive in forcing us to do our good, after the outbreak of the pandemic, once we realized that people were not dying only in Italy, that is, this time it was their turn too, did they suspend them again on 20 March . It remains to be seen when they will begin to apply them again, but you know the answer: when it will suit them, because they understand the rules like this.

We know very well why they understand them this way, or rather, those of us who made the classic know when it was the classic . What happens to our country in Europe happens to us in our country: the balance of power is not in our favor, and therefore those rules that Germany (in Europe) or the Piddins (in Italy) interpret for themselves, to us are applied.

It follows that even if we are not intellectually honest and intrinsically respectful of the rules (as befits any conservative), we would have to be very stupid not to stick to them. This would immediately expose you to a copious harvest of annoyances, which in the circumstances that bring us together would concern not only you, but also and above all me. I do not exclude that among you there may be someone animated with the best of good intentions to be in the way (who can exclude it?). On the other hand, most of you, as I understand by now, do damage with the best good intentions in the world. I love your teenage awkwardness! But if I survived nine years of debate (seven of which conducted alone against the world) it is because I can defend myself from friends.

So, dear friends, after reminding you of the rules of engagement , which are always the same, and they are to social living as washing hands is to hygiene (so, in theory, they would not fit into the stuff that needs to be remembered by people from from locations of millenary cultures different from ours, but on this passons …), I remind you that this year, in reuniting, we are required to observe other rules .

I'll clarify one point by applying the better safe than sorry principle. I don't care if these rules are right or wrong or what their foundation is. This is not the point. I care not to have hassle. So to those who have realized today that there is an aggendaaah , to those who want to commit a glaring gesture of protest, I address the same courteous but firm invitation that I addressed, in a different but completely isomorphic context, to the first of an infinite lineage of evident gesture, the young man in the red polo shirt . Today, with the euro up and oil down, this gesture is decidedly more affordable , and in any case less reckless than coming to unnecessarily disturb a meeting that must take place in an orderly manner so as not to lend its side to the commerage of the information operators who incessantly rooting in the my social networks and that would infallibly take advantage of any of your smudges to give us that epithet that qualifies them for the anti-Semitic scum that they are.

Made myself clear?

Then, since it is better not to make reckless gestures, if you can do neither one nor the other. But in any case, respect the rules of engagement and protocols of the Region that hosts us.

So we will remain friends.

See you later…

This is a machine translation of a post (in Italian) written by Alberto Bagnai and published on Goofynomics at the URL on Fri, 16 Oct 2020 17:43:00 +0000. Some rights reserved under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 license.