The situation…

…it's this one:

described with the instrument of sectoral balances, which we have illustrated and explained countless times here and which helped us to foresee a series of inevitable outcomes, such as the failure of poor Hollande (announced immediately , and then commented step by step, for example here , where you can find a good explanation of the algebra of sectoral balances). Europeans can find a concise explanation of the meaning of the balances in these slides of a lesson of mine at NYU Shanghai (it was 2016). Obviously, to abstain from self-styled "Europeanists", those children of a minor anthropology who mutter a broken English and who in Turku look for an Italian restaurant and then complain that the pasta is overcooked …

Yesterday, partly for fun, and partly because it happened, I had two people read this graph: an "organic" intellectual (consider it an Anglicism, rather than a Gramscian reminescence), who tangentially crossed the Debate (i.e. this blog), and an entrepreneur (here there are many, and real ones), who instead of the Debate took part as a reader and as a commentator. To my not enormous surprise, the entrepreneur understood immediately, the intellectual did not (however, being an intellectual, he immediately confessed it, as I do when I don't understand: if you don't ask, you'll never understand: he proposed me to go and explain it to him and his students and I'll do it – incognito!).

And you, of this graph, what do you understand?

You have to do a little yourself, because I don't have time to explain it to you. But who in the Debate has been in a role other than that of an ornament has the tools to evaluate (the clues are there), and who has not been there, if he wants to understand, can click on the links and get a culture. Interpreting the phase is always useful, I don't think there is a person who doesn't need this, but I can also tell you, with equal certainty, that those able to do it, outside the Debate, are a set of zero measure . Be grateful to me and continue studying: it will be so much needed. I will do my best to respond to comments, but please be patient. I really miss the relationship with you. I know you are indulgent. Enjoy the reading!

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