When a totem meets dogma …

I leave the live broadcast , and I find this comment absolutely perfect, which I therefore highlight to you without further comments:

Diegolas left a new comment on your post " European Institutions (still on the ESM) ":

Another thing strikes me (but maybe it shouldn't, after several years here). The Piddins continue to push on Eurobonds, which are unachievable because (legitimately) the political will of the central countries is lacking.

They continue to embrace a fetish, that of European solidarity, which is not there. Or at least it does not exist in the forms they hope for, now "flat": sharing the wallet (mutualising debts, having significant transfers). And they are probably also annoyed, pissed off in their pleading: if they could, they would force their German and Dutch brothers to mutualise the debt, and transfer funds.

Because obviously they are right, the Piddini: "the Germans nun capischeno who must support them! They kill them! Sinnò er dream de Spinelli …"

(forgive the uncertain Roman, I'm Nordic …)

"Ahhh" – they think – "if only the Germans were Piddini too …" (but then, shouldn't we have done it like Germany ?!)

Instead of opening our eyes to the other more obvious solution (at least in the current context, without the Eurobreak-up that they so much abhor): the ECB does the Central Bank, and monetises the debt necessary to get out of the mess at the worst, as the professor and Claudio Borghi explain to us.

In short, they are willing to clash with the totem of European solidarity, but not with the dogma of the scarcity of money …

A greeting

Posted by Diegolas in Goofynomics at 17 Apr 2020 16:39

(… I make a comment: if even the Finns arrive , as I told you live, why shouldn't the Piddinis arrive? And I think the answer is the simplest: because they hate Italy more than the Finns …)

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