Aifa, all the viral tensions between Palù and Magrini

Aifa, all the viral tensions between Palù and Magrini

What happens to the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa) between the president Giorgio Palù and the general manager Nicola Magrini

High voltage in the Aifa house.

Under the same roof, that of the Italian Medicines Agency, different theses and opinions coexist (with difficulty). On the one hand there are those of the president, Giorgio Palù, on the other those of the general manager, Nicola Magrini: in fact, all the latest decisions are the subject of controversy.

The clash, as Corriere della Sera writes today, was consummated and highlighted also on the stop of the Astrazeneca vaccine.


The tension was also felt in the hearing in the House on 18 March. While Giorgio Palù explained that "vaccines can cause micro and macro thrombosis because they activate the inflammatory response, an intrinsic innate defense", he also admitted that in recent months "we are facing an emergency" and that we could not "wait ten years to have the validated studies that are normally needed ".

“It was decided to run”, added Palù, stating that the regulatory bodies “take good care of the risks and benefits”, reports La Verità.


Words, those of Palù, which were followed by the clarifications of the general manager Magrini: "Running with respect to the studies did not mean skipping any steps and the studies were all carried out, in particular the clinical ones".

And then Magrini added: "Some mechanisms that Professor Palù mentioned about the risk of thrombosis are physiopathological and are not supported by evidence", wrote and La Verità .


But the rags between the two flew, above all, out of the Chamber. Palù, in fact, justified the precautionary stop and argued, without effective follow-up, that “Ema probably” would have given “a note of warning because if there are female subjects who have had thrombosis, they must be studied. Especially women who take the pill which is a pro-thrombotic drug ”.


Magrini, on the other hand, was not of the same opinion. And he even spoke of stopping the vaccine as a political choice.

“The suspension was reached because several European countries, including Germany and France, preferred to stop vaccination after single recent cases of adverse events, which suggested taking a break for checks and then restarting. It was a political choice ”, said Nicola Magrini, in an interview with Repubblica .


Even on the topic of monoclonal antibodies the two were in conflict.

Palù in Piazza Pulita – writes Il Corriere della Sera – in a sort of off the air, argued that the responsibility for having slowed down on the experimentation of monoclonals by the American company Lilly was attributable to Magrini.

“Maybe because we put 380 million into another Tuscan project?”, The journalist asked, but without any response or denial from Palù. And here Aifa had to intervene to explain that the wait was due to the unwillingness to break the European front.


But what is the cause of this conflict? “Maybe because the president Giorgio Palù is considered close to the League, while the general manager Nicola Magrini is given in quota Roberto Speranza (Leu). Maybe because the Aifa is a body that belongs to the Ministry of Health ”, writes the Corriere della Sera.


The sheet also shares the same opinion: "The Magrini-Palù quarrels and the decisions on the AstraZeneca case show the problems of a regulatory authority conditioned by the government and held hostage by politics", reads an article signed by Luciano Capone and Giovanni Rodriquez.

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