Alberto Genovese, here are facts and enterprises of the founder of arrested

Alberto Genovese, here are facts and enterprises of the founder of arrested

The curriculum vitae of the founder of, Alberto Genovese, arrested in Milan on charges of sexual violence, drug dealing and kidnapping.

The founder of, Alberto Genovese, 43, was arrested in Milan on charges of sexual violence, drug dealing and kidnapping. The news agency Agi learns from qualified sources.


According to the investigators of the Mobile team coordinated by the prosecutor Rosaria Stagnaro and the Adjunct, Maria Letizia Mannella, in a telephone conversation with her mother, she even said that she intended to leave for Amsterdam and then move to South America. He then also stated that he had a private jet with a pilot at his disposal and therefore did not have problems traveling.


Serial entrepreneur, digital predator: these are some of the ways in which Alberto Genovese, born in 1977, born in Naples, graduated from Bocconi, was defined.


After an experience as a consultant with McKinsey and Bain, he worked for three years at eBay. In 2010 he threw himself into the adventure of, a company that had grown to employ 350 people and from which he left in 2014, selling it to the Oakley fund, which was joined in 2018 by the Swedish fund Eqt.


Genovese does not stand still and with George Ottathycal (former BCG consultant) he founded Prima Assicurazioni, a digital insurer of which he is now president and CEO and in which Goldman Sachs and Blackstone also invest. In 2016 he launched with Francesco Banfi (formerly McKinsey) Brum Brum, the first platform for the online sale of used cars, in which United Ventures funds, the Californian Accel and the Spanish Bonsai Venture Capital have invested. Genovese is its president and holds 12.19% through the Auliv holding.


It also has small stakes in about ten small companies such as Abiby, the e-commerce of beauty boxes or, a site that offers the service of hostesses and models.


He informs the agencies: “With reference to the news published in some media, we believe it is correct to specify that Alberto Genovese left in 2014 and today has no operational role in our company. Out of respect for all the people involved in the affair, we believe that at the moment it is correct not to comment further. Once again with regard to inaccurate information published by some newspapers, we remind you that the ownership of is now held by the EQT investment fund and the Oakley fund ”.

Excerpt from a Forbes article dated April 16, 2020:

A Bocconian, a consultant first at McKinsey then at Bain, Genovese joined eBay in 2005 where he deals with motors and new business and falls in love with technology. “The first idea was born on a Roman terrace, chatting with my partner about the difficulty of quickly finding the cheapest car insurance online,” he says. "In 2008 we start working in the evenings and weekends on a software that finds prices on companies' websites and compares them". In 2010 he resigned from his job and was born, one of the success stories of the Italian startup ecosystem: first the investment of the Berlusconi family, then in 2015 the exit of 100 million.

“'Why didn't I go to rest?' I wonder every day ”, laughs Genovese who obviously hasn't stopped. “I am passionate about seeing a company born and grow. Create something that involves hundreds of young people like those who now work in the new hub ”. With he learned about the world of insurance, on which he decides to apply the fundamental rule of his method: "Identify an industry with high margins, where incumbents, companies that have dominant positions on the market, are firm 90s and enter with technology to create value ".

Being a digital raptor is good for him. In 2014 he founded with George Ottathycal (another former BCG consultant) Prima Assicurazioni, a digital agency that distributes TPL policies for cars, motorcycles and vans. In 2019, it collected over 130 million prizes, entered into partnerships with companies such as Telepass and Conad. In 2020 it aims to exceed one million customers (it already has about 530 thousand) and to leadership in Italy. “There are about 40 million vehicles and only four million are insured online,” Genovese argues. “So Prima can quickly become a leader. And if the market grows, even better. From 2021 we will then start looking at other markets ”. Same script for, founded in 2015 with another former consultant (McKinsey), Francesco Banfi: a platform for the sale of cars, financed in 2019 by Accel, the fund that invested in startups like Spotify or Deliveroo .

It is therefore obvious that the president of Alberto Genovese Technologies has a lot to transfer to the “guys” of Abiby, Mirta, Zappyrent and Jobtech. It is obvious that it cannot stand still. There are still many industries in which to bring the digital revolution. And the 94 countries he has visited are just under half of the sovereign states in the world.

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