All layoffs starting from Boeing in the fall

All layoffs starting from Boeing in the fall

Boeing will reduce staff in the information technology and finance departments. The company is taking this step to simplify its corporate structure. What's going on

In October, the first dismissal notices from Boeing will “take off”.

Boeing said Tuesday it plans to cut about 150 financial sector jobs in the United States this year to streamline its business structure and focus more resources on manufacturing and product development.

The company will reduce staffing in its information technology and finance departments, Boeing said in an e-mailed statement to Reuters.

Boeing said it increased its workforce by around 10,000 employees earlier this year and increased hiring in its engineering and manufacturing departments to meet market demand.

Two years ago Boeing had already decided to lay off thousands of employees in an attempt to reduce the company's operating costs in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic devastated the aviation and aerospace industry.

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Boeing said on Tuesday that around 150 jobs nationwide will be cut in the first batch of layoffs, with more on the way next year and beyond. The first dismissal notices will be released in October.

According to SeattleTimes , the American aircraft manufacturer will begin outsourcing financial and accounting work to Tata Consultancy Services of India.

"The finance team is planning lower staffing levels as it streamlines processes, improves efficiency and shares selected work with an external partner," Boeing said in a statement, adding that "it will evaluate future impacts as the process progresses. it will continue over the next few years ".

The company's financial group before the pandemic consisted of approximately 6,000 employees across the company.


In the midst of the pandemic, Boeing cut about 20,000 jobs across the company in 2020, 15,000 of them in Washington state. Last year, it cut another 1,000 jobs in Washington state, SeattleTimes reports .

This year, when the demand for air travel returned and Boeing began increasing production of the 737 MAX and invested engineering resources to troubleshoot the 787 and various defense projects, the company began to summarize and add. jobs, mainly in engineering and manufacturing.

Last month, the US government approved the delivery of the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner from 2021. The planes were blocked for more than a year due to quality problems, which the American giant had to solve. According to press reports, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), the American aviation regulator, judged Boeing's corrective actions to be satisfactory. In September 2020, the FAA said it was investigating manufacturing defects in some 787 airliners.

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