All of Conte’s black holes on arms in Ukraine

All of Conte's black holes on arms in Ukraine

The Scratches of Damato

From the black hole of the Milky Way, the "Sagittarius A", which we had just admired seeing its photograph on the news, we had to pass last night , in the "clean sweep" of Corrado Formigli, on 7, to the more modest black hole provided to the majority of governed by former prime minister Giuseppe Conte, now president only of the 5 Star Movement. Which vetoed another shipment of Italian arms to Ukraine, after the third one just prepared by the government, exhausting – according to Conte – the mandate received in this matter by Parliament, or perhaps never having really had it.

There are already too many weapons in Ukraine – Mario Draghi's predecessor said at Palazzo Chigi – so by supplying more to President Zelensky, especially if they were also tanks, we would boycott the peace negotiations along which the leader of the government has just made a commitment by meeting with US President Biden at the White House. He even asked him to take the first step by calling Putin, as he himself then made it known with the presumed permission of the interlocutor, according to a reasonable deduction made by the director of the Republic Maurizio Molinari. According to which the friendly relations with Biden would be too strong for Draghi to compromise them by revealing such a request without the consent of the interested party.

A phone call or other American contact with the Kremlin after Biden called Putin a "criminal" and a "butcher" would objectively not be a recent novelty by obtaining dissent from French President Emmanuel Macron. But – also specified this – not of Draghi, who in fact also used the image of the "butcher" in Washington to describe the Russian aggression and invasion of Ukraine. And the consequent urgency to put an end to the war, perhaps already starting that "secret negotiation" on which the Republic has today titled with the air of really knowing.

It is a pity, however, for Conte, for his veto or black hole in the majority, and for the usual Fatto Quotidiano which smugly advertised the initiative between headlines and photomontage on the front page, that Draghi indicated in support of the peace negotiations slightly less favorable than the start of the war for Putin. And this because of the strength acquired and demonstrated by the Ukrainians in resisting the invasion and counterattacking with military aid from the West. The termination of which therefore, starting with Italy, appears contrary to the logic of the position, line and so on of the Prime Minister. But also – to say – of the secretary of the Pd Enrico Letta.

The latter, connected with Formigli from the outside and interviewed immediately after Conte's exit from the studio, thus avoiding both the inconvenience of a difficult direct confrontation, in fully recognizing himself in the action carried out so far by Draghi reminded the impatient majority shareholder that every change must be decided by everyone together, not imposed by someone on someone else. The best gift that can be given to Putin in this phase – Enrico Letta warned – is to divide ourselves "among us", meaning by cuts the Europeans, the Westerners and the majority of the government in Italy. We – the secretary of the Democratic Party insisted – after having listened to Draghi in Parliament we are ready to discuss and vote, as the former Prime Minister demands that it be done between the Chamber and the Senate.

Despite this, Enrico Letta expressed confidence – lucky him – in the continuation of the alliance with Conte. Who, moreover, had offered him the renouncement of the anti-American grillino Gianluca Ferrara to run for the presidency of the new Foreign Affairs commission of the Senate, after the dissolution of the old body imposed by the refusal of the very Putininian and now ex grillino Vito Petrocelli to leave the leadership.

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