All the bizarre innovations of the House

All the bizarre innovations of the House

What happens to the innovations of the Chamber of Deputies?

What's going on in the Chamber? Not all innovation is good, it seems.

A Montecitorio numerous deputies complain that the new system for sending amendments, “GeoEme”, has erroneously reported the signatures of some members on amendments of other parliamentary groups and with wrong numbering.

As Startmag has already reported , the computer system of the Chamber of Deputies has some flaws.

Obvious problems occurred on the majority amendment on heated tobacco in which Ansa beat an agency on a "transversal" front.


“The deadline for the presentation of amendments to the Budget Law has closed: there are seven thousand proposed amendments, presented almost exclusively in digital format. For the first time, an innovation in its own historical way. Good work to President Melilli and to all the deputies who will work in the coming days on a fundamental law of the state ”, wrote the President of the Chamber, Roberto Fico (M5s), on his Instagram page.


But the first pitfalls immediately emerged, as the deputies Federico Mollicone and Renato Brunetta denounced. “Although shared on the merits, my subscription to the majority amendment on the raising of excise duties on heated tobacco is a formal error of the new system for digital submission of amendments to committees. This is the second bug I've encountered, with two wrong subscriptions in issues. Colleagues report me problems in numbering. I wrote to the Speaker of the House to ask for it to be verified. Luckily the 5 Star Movement was proposing remote voting and digital democracy… ”, commented the Innovation Manager of Fratelli d'Italia, the deputy Federico Mollicone.

“Never signed an amendment to the first signature of M5S on the raising of excise duties on heated tobacco. The error, probably caused by the new system for digitally sending amendments to the committees, also occurred to other colleagues. I will write to the Speaker of the House to request that this system be tested. In any case, as far as merit is concerned, although I am a non-smoker, I think exactly the opposite ”, said Renato Brunetta, deputy of Forza Italia and head of the Economics department of the blue movement.

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