All the jabs between the center-right, center-left and third polino

All the jabs between the center-right, center-left and third polino

Here are the latest news (not only on electoral programs) between center-right, center-left and third polino. Paola Sacchi's note

The third pole is born to try to stop the center-right, which, in the meantime, presents the government program "For Italy".

The declared objective of the merger in a single list of the two small towns of Iv and Action by Matteo Renzi and Carlo Calenda (the latter with the name in the symbol as leader of the electoral campaign) is the non-victory of the center-right, defined only " right". “Against” positioning, in the “mini PD” style.

Renzi, after the agreement: "In the next elections there is the possibility that the right will not win and must be called Mario Draghi, we are ready to lend a hand". In the aims of Renzi and Calenda, who attacks "the ramshackle right", then adding also the left liquidated in the same way, steal votes from the Democratic Party, but above all from Forza Italia.

However, it appears a somewhat blunt strategy not only because both in the collective imagination remain marked by a history made in Pd, but also because it was precisely with Enrico Letta Calenda that he negotiated until a few days ago, then shattering the agreement reached. Not exactly a good way to attract the liberal blue electorate, radically of an “anti-communist” culture, which has been given the image of an interchangeability between two profoundly different worlds. And the presence in Action of former Azzurri may not be enough.

Antonio Tajani, vice president of FI, stops its aims: “Third pole? No, it is the fourth pole (after M5S, according to the polls ed ) and it is a useless vote ”.

Meanwhile, green light for the center-right government program. This was announced by the leaders in a joint statement. Program to be implemented "after the elections of 25 September when, finally, Italy will be able to have a cohesive government capable of giving the country concrete answers".

It is divided into 15 points, "serious and achievable" – the note states -, centered on the protection of the national interest and the homeland, on economic growth and on the defense of the purchasing power of families ".

Silvio Berlusconi, Matteo Salvini, Giorgia Meloni underline: "Our values ​​and our position in Europe, in the Atlantic Alliance and in the West, the need for a profound tax reform with the Flat Tax, the overcoming of the Fornero law with Quota are reaffirmed. 41, of the Security Decrees, of regional autonomy and presidentialism and of all the other essential elements to finally kick off a relaunch that can no longer be postponed ”.

The center-right also underlines the issues of "strategic infrastructures (we also speak of the bridge over the Strait ), reforms such as those of justice and public administration, obviously passing through the need to cut the tax burden on families and businesses".

Berlusconi replies to criticism from the left: “We do not intend in any way to aggravate the deficit. There are all the necessary covers ”. And he tweets: "After September 25, Italy will finally be able to have a government." Salvini: "While the left offers a bad show of fights for the seats, insults to the opponents and new taxes, the center-right confirms itself as compact and proactive."

But, in the meantime, from the Pd in ​​difficulty you still attack Giorgia Meloni. Now they ask her to remove the flame from the symbol. And this despite the message sent yesterday to the foreign press, in which the president of FdI reiterated for the umpteenth time that "the Italian right has handed over fascism to history for decades, unambiguously condemning the deprivation of liberty and the infamous laws anti-Jewish ". Meloni has also long been president of the European Conservatories. But Letta still attacks it as "unreliable" in Europe. Letta's attempt to bipolarize the fight against Meloni as much as possible is evident.

But from what remains of the center left comes a less compact and more chaotic image than that of the center right. Where the internal electoral structure has also been completed: the leaders of the small centrist formations (Maurizio Lupi, Giovanni Toti, Lorenzo Cesa, Luigi Brugnaro) have joined in a single list "We Moderates".

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