All the mistakes of the government to stem the economic crisis

All the mistakes of the government to stem the economic crisis

The speech by Giuseppe Spadafora, vice president of Unimpresa, on the economic crisis: the government is incapable

It is not clear whether in the decisions of the Government and in the consequent sterile debate with the whole world that revolves around us, trade unions, politicians and business associations (which represent those state-owned companies where governments appoint top management) there is a strategic reasoning or everything is based on emotions and suggestions deriving from likes. The doubt is legitimate because if from March to today, looking at the cards, we have raised a series of exceptions on inconsistencies, errors of assessment, forgetfulness and lack of strategy on the part of all the aforementioned subjects, it is clear that 2021 and part of 2022 will be the end of a nation that was already struggling without Covid, let alone the strategic errors of this government and its surroundings.

160% of public debt will be borne by a state which by 2022 will have to clarify how to smooth it out. And without counting the speculative bubble on spreads, BTPs and bonds that we foresee for the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, the only economic beneficiaries of this indeterminate variable, also called Covid, will be large funds and banks. Among the impaired loans of today and those that will be added from 2021, thanks to the introduction of the European standard already in force in many states of the Union for which it will be reported if the current account lacks the money to pay the fine, the number of families and companies declared insolvent will rise to over 3 million, which will bring over 300 billion in debt as a dowry. He wants to say "We will help everyone", "No one will be left alone": the reality is that Italy does not have US Marines. We will leave over a million absolute poor on the ground which will be added to those already existing before March 2020. We will leave home a million employees and holders of VAT numbers and meanwhile, for the debtors (about 10 million subjects between obliged , co-obligors, guarantors and employees of companies in crisis) will change little, that is, they will pass from a situation of latent indigence to one of overt indigence.

I already imagine what the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance will say (it is not a mistake, apparently the Minister aims to solve the cash problems with the Guardia di Finanza and the Revenue Agency, happy he …), both will shuffle the cards on the table saying that they did here, they did there and in any case the "assets of the Italian economy are healthy and Italians hold over three times the public debt in the bank, 2 houses, 2 cars, gold, silver, myrrh, ace of clubs , Settebello and Primiera ". Too bad that these "three times the public debt" is held for 70% by 20% of the Italian population. In summary, for 15 million Italians, reaching the end of the month is an adventure and among these, Caritas has to think about 5 million. Let us know that 2021 will be another year of disasters for the hotel, catering, travel, transport, various and possible sectors and the poetic inspiration with which the Government informs its work will lose the persuasive force that has supported it up to now.

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