All the smiles and anti-Chinese maneuvers of the G7 in Cornwall

All the smiles and anti-Chinese maneuvers of the G7 in Cornwall

Other strategic countries for the consolidation of global alliances were invited to the G7 in Cornwall: South Korea, Australia and South Africa. Chiara Oldani's article

The leaders of the G7 countries – USA, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Italy – are guests of the United Kingdom this weekend in the most anticipated annual meeting for months for multiple reasons: the end of the pandemic, the rebirth of the economies of the countries most indebted in the world, the return to international cooperation and the consolidation of large global alliances.

Pleasant background to the view of the meeting the sandy Atlantic coast of Cornwall in the south of England; a tourist and seaside location that promotes post-Brexit Britain . The BBC proudly broadcasts the meeting where Boris Johnson does the honors with his new wife; BoJo in his opening speech admitted that the end of the pandemic must also lead to not making the same mistakes as in the past, that we must be more equal and inclusive.

In 2020, the rotating presidency of the G7 was American and President Donald Trump did not want to organize the meeting, denying the role of political cooperation and global alliances. The global pandemic has brought many American voters to their senses and its MAGA motto – Make America Great Again – has evaporated in the polls. Trump's personal blog was shut down last week due to lack of traffic.

Other countries were invited, in a strategic key, to consolidate global alliances: South Korea, Australia and South Africa. The leaders of the countries who arrived in Carbis Bay were welcomed by Queen Elizabeth and the 'almost' complete royal family; broad smiles, half hugs, great relief can be read in everyone's body language.

China is absent. International cooperation is not, in fact, a value for the People's Republic of China; at the meeting of the prime ministers of the G20 countries in October in Rome, Mario Draghi will do the honors and will have to work hard to smooth the edges.

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