All the synergies between Egypt and Russia

All the synergies between Egypt and Russia

What the talks held on April 11 between the Russian and Egyptian foreign and defense ministers in Cairo hide. Italics by Giuseppe Gagliano

While Italy dispenses assessments of a moral and legal nature – which will have repercussions of a certain importance in the short and medium term also on the economic front – Russia and Egypt (two nations according to the standards of Amnesty International and Human Right Watch violating human rights) have decided to strengthen their partnership especially in cooperation against terrorism.


This refers to the talks held on 11 April between the Russian and Egyptian foreign and defense ministers in Cairo. Naturally these talks on the one hand concretize what Putin and Al Sisi agreed in Sochi in 2018 and on the other hand they will also be aimed at strengthening the economic partnership, considering that the pandemic has had a very negative impact on trade dynamics.


In this regard, it should not be forgotten that the presence of Moscow in Egypt does not play a marginal role at all, as demonstrated by the construction of the Russian nuclear power plant of Al-Dabaa , the construction of a Russian industrial zone in the economic area of ​​the Suez Canal and the fact that Egypt officially registered the Russian Sputnik V vaccine.


However, it cannot be forgotten that the genesis of the bilateral relationship between Egypt and Russia can be traced back to the choices made by the Obama administration, which had suspended the usual loans also in the arms sector to Egypt due to the coup against the former president Mohammed Morsi. Taking advantage of the power vacuum that had arisen, Russia was able to put in place the construction of a military infrastructure in July 2017 located in El-Hammam, near Alexandria named after Mohamed Neguib – first Egyptian president, in power from 1952 to 1954 – capable of housing 20,000 soldiers, tanks, helicopters, air defense systems and other combat equipment.

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