All the tensions between Confindustria and the unions on the Green pass to work

All the tensions between Confindustria and the unions on the Green pass to work

Confindustria's proposal. The protests of the trade unions. The idea of ​​the Green pass to work in companies causes debate and controversy. All the details

At work only with the Green Pass. Otherwise, suspension of pay for those who do not intend to get vaccinated and do not have the opportunity to perform a task that does not put colleagues at risk.

the proposal on which Confindustria is discussing with the government and institutions in the comparison to update the protocol for safety in the workplace. Not yet an official proposal: the newspaper Il Tempo gave the news, publishing an email that the general manager of Confindustria, Francesca Mariotti, had sent to the directors of the industrial system.


“An internal email, therefore, which expresses a very clear position of the industrial organization,” writes Repubblica . The Confindustria newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore talks about the proposal: “A proposal for the use of the green pass to access the workplace, to protect all workers and the development of production processes, in full respect of individual freedoms. It comes from Confindustria, which "has initiated discussions with the government for the purpose of a regulatory solution in this sense." The intent is to allow employers to request the display of a valid green certification for the purpose of regular entry into the workplace and the performance of the work duties of the various subjects ".


The position taken by Confindustria is that showing a valid green certificate should fall within the obligations of diligence, fairness and good faith on which the employment relationship is based, adds Il Sole 24 Ore : "Consequently, the employer, where possible it could assign to the worker tasks other than those normally performed, paying the relative remuneration; if this is not possible it should be allowed not to admit the person to work, with the suspension of pay in case of removal of the company. The conversation is underway, Confindustria's reflection is that the tools for containing the pandemic, primarily vaccines, will be essential to avoid the reintroduction of measures restricting personal freedoms and for the conduct of economic activities. All the more so in a phase in which there is an increase in infections with particularly aggressive variants of the virus ".


The unions contest. “Certain things are not resolved with empire strikes, dropped from above. We have demonstrated this in these almost two years of pandemic ”, Roberto Benaglia, leader of Fim-Cisl, the CISL metalworkers union, told Repubblica . "Workers. Those who in March 2020, with the pandemic just starting, were often forced by entrepreneurs to enter the factory with no ifs and buts. The same workers (and unions) who, in pressing on companies and the government, obtained the shared protocols on safety, which have made assembly lines the places with less infections ”, writes Repubblica . "Many of those protocols have guided the executive decrees against Covid," remembers Benaglia. Why, then, does Confindustria seem to have abandoned the path of dialogue with the letter on the mandatory Green pass for workers? “It is the initiative of a director, so it does not seem to me an all-round political choice. However, the pandemic cannot be resolved by having the freedom of the people and dividing the workers between those who are vaccinated and those who are not ”, replies Benaglia who has taken the place of Marco Bentivogli at the top of the FIM.


Even in the CGIL home, the Confindustrial idea does not find too much consensus, on the contrary. The idea of ​​Confindustria on the mandatory Green Pass to work does not appeal to the secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini. “I hope it's the heat. In this pandemic year, workers have always gone to the factory safely. Respecting the protocols and the rules of distancing. It is not the companies that have to determine who enters and who leaves, ”he said today in an interview with La Stampa .

Yesterday the e-mail that the general director of Confindustria Francesca Mariotti sent to the directors of the industrial system was leaked. The text writes that «the display of a valid green certificate should be part of the obligations of diligence, correctness and good faith on which the employment relationship is based. As a direct consequence of this, the employer, where possible, could assign to the worker tasks other than those normally performed, paying the relative remuneration; if this is not possible, the employer should be able not to admit the person to work, with suspension of pay in the event of removal of the company ".

But Landini is not happy with it: «Certainly only the government can make a choice of this type. The workers were the first, during the pandemic, to ask for security, even going on strike to obtain it. I got vaccinated and I am because everyone gets vaccinated. But here, let's face it, we are faced with a stretch. It should never be forgotten that workers are citizens and have the rights and duties of all citizens. Confindustria, rather, is concerned with enforcing the agreements against dismissals ». The secretary of the CGIL proposes an agreement in which the government, businesses and trade unions agree on the most relevant choices for the ecological conversion of the Italian industrial system and the defense of employment.

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