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Amarcord Scaroni

Amarcord Scaroni

Facts and names on the sidelines of the Repubblica interview with Paolo Scaroni, the new president of Enel

Paolo Scaroni's regulars weren't upset too much by yesterday's interview with Repubblica in which the new Enel president assured that the agreements concluded between Eni and Gazprom, under Scaroni himself, were blessed by the Americans, NATO and governments Italians of the past.

Rightly or wrongly, Scaroni has in fact always been convinced that he knows Americans inside out ('if you talk to them about business, they understand that you're not engaging in politics').

It will be the beginnings in Chevron Texaco, or the memory of the enormous budgets available to the ENI plenipotentiary in New York, Enzo Viscusi . The fact is that Scaroni is convinced that he has no problem overseas. On the other hand, as deputy chairman of Rothschild, he has good reason.

It is probable, however, that the new Enel nomenclature wants to move with caution on that front. Flavio Cattaneo, after the imprudent interview given to Annalisa Chirico for il Foglio in which he criticized Enel's investments in the US when he had not yet been appointed by the government to lead the energy group, has just confirmed the maxi investment in Oklahoma. From the series: no one knows mail.

As for Scaroni, at the first meeting of the board of directors he was accompanied – according to the reconstruction of Startmag – by Leonardo Bellodi. An old acquaintance from Eni times, Bellodi has historically dedicated himself to relations with confidential worlds. Bellodi tends to exhibit relations with the Israelis, but insiders think above all of the Aise at the time of Alberto Manenti's direction. A real idyll, the one with Manenti, which must have bothered someone a lot. So much so that at one point the editorial offices of the Italian newspapers were literally inundated with reports of not bad wire transfers from Bellodi to Manenti ( strictly foreign to foreign).

With Scaroni, therefore, Bellodi returns with his dense network of relationships. And there are also those who have resumed whispering the name of Patrick Landau, the Israeli super-consultant based in Switzerland. In the good old days, it was (also) to him that Scaroni and Bellodi entrusted the most burning dossiers.

Will it be amarcord?

This is a machine translation from Italian language of a post published on Start Magazine at the URL on Wed, 24 May 2023 05:51:21 +0000.