Ansaldo Energia, Fata and Siemens: what is happening?

Ansaldo Energia, Fata and Siemens: what is happening?

The concerns of trade unions for Ansaldo Energia's order book. And the competition of Fata (Danieli group) with the Germans of Siemens which in the past focused on Ansaldo Energia … Facts, numbers, names and indiscretions

Energy transition, war and the increase in the price of raw materials freeze the investments of potential customers, putting Ansaldo Energia in great difficulty, a company that builds turnkey power plants and electrical equipment (gas and steam turbines, generators and microturbines).

The company, 88% controlled by Cdp Equity (Cassa Depositi e Prestiti group), will have to deal with a considerable load of work next year, the result of a shortage of new orders, underlines the Genoese newspaper Il Secolo XIX .

In recent days, the company called the RSU (unitary union representation), informed the union delegates that "by 2023, an unloading of 45 thousand hours of work in the factory is expected for the first quarter, corresponding to 20% of the total" .

Shortage of new orders, therefore. But is it really a prospect that emerged only due to war or other contingent factors? Or does the scenario also have its roots in other less contingent factors?

The situation until a few months ago, at least in terms of communication, was different.

In mid-March Ansaldo Energia announced a "return to profit" with a reversal of the trend compared to the previous two years.

And only two months later, the reconfirmation of the CEO, Giuseppe Marino, at the helm of the company, is announced .

Not even a month after reconfirmation, clouds are gathering on the horizon, through the mouth of the main union of the Genoese turbine manufacturer, Fiom-Cgil.

Let's see what emerged from the meeting between top management and trade unions.

Commercial framework: the Management reports an increasingly difficult general context regarding the gas market: energy transition, war, the ever higher cost of energy materials have led to a freezing of investments by potential customers and a slowdown in the renewal of the machinery fleet. gas.

Abroad, the markets the company is looking at, besides Poland for example, are Iran and Libya, where there is a great deal of uncertainty from the political and social point of view.

Product diversification framework: the management explained to us how Ansaldo will participate through Green Tech in all tenders for projects financed by the NRP that will concern renewable sources, including batteries, electrolysers and wind power.

Workloads: the management – underlined the federation of metalworkers of the CGIL – “showed us the covered 2022 from the point of view of workloads. In 2023, an unloading of 45 thousand hours of work (Factory) is expected for the first quarter of the year, corresponding to 20% of the total. Same thing for the second quarter. In the second half of the year the unloading could reach up to 100,000 hours of work in December 2023. This, however, only and only if none of Ansaldo's commercial offers materialize ”.

“This is the photograph that the company has given us at the present time: not a cry of alarm, but in any case a situation that causes no small concern, especially in perspective”, Fiom-Cgil underlined.

But there is more, according to industry observers.

There have been some races lost by Ansaldo Energia in Italy. Just think of the Ostiglia plant owned by EP Produzione, which was awarded the Fairy of the Danieli group, with machines belonging to the usual competitor, the German Siemens.

The same fate, sources close to the dossier say, also seems to be designed for the modernization of the A2A Monfalcone thermoelectric plant, which would see Fata favored over Ansaldo Energia.

The Fairy (formerly Finmeccanica and then acquired by the Danieli group) had stolen a dozen employees from Ansaldo in recent years: the operation to strengthen resources with technical and commercial skills has evidently brought the hoped-for results to the Danieli group company .

Conclusion: the German Siemens (which aimed years ago on Ansaldo Energia but was rejected by the Italian Strategic Fund (at the time Cdp) which at the same time opened the capital to the Chinese of Shanghai Electric) now lands in Italy and supplies not only technology to Fata: also one of his managers has just crossed the gates of the Genoese company: it is Marco Lovisolo , put at the helm of the commercial Ansaldo.

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