Because the climate has little to do with Biden’s victory

Because the climate has little to do with Biden’s victory

What do analysts hear from Axios about Biden's victory

Climate change has attracted more attention than ever in this US election cycle, but political analysts are quite unsure whether it helped or harmed the candidates who participated. According to what we read on Axios , in fact, “Joe Biden has led a campaign on the subject” which has seen him engaged “more than any other presidential candidate”, and for climate activists this “is already a victory. But his victories in the various states may have come despite this and not for this, say political analysts ”.


"The more climate change was on the agenda, the more votes rose in the blue states, but it worked against the Democrats in the purple states (the undecided ones, ed)," a former Obama administration official told Axios. And in fact, observes Axios, "a Democrat wins the presidency", but "the Republicans probably keep the Senate" while the House while remaining to the Democrats records a "loss of seats" Dem. In short, "it is not an alignment of government designed to tackle climate change, ”said Kyle Kondik, editorial director of Saturday's Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia Center for Policy.


Environmentalists point to Biden's triumph over Trump as their biggest victory. The League of Conservation Voters Victory Fund (LCV) has devoted $ 40 million of its unprecedented $ 115 million election investment to the race for the White House. “But their return on investment is not looking good. Out of 21 seats in which the LCV of the Senate and the Chamber has invested, it seems probable that they have won six and have lost 15 (five lists are not yet official) ”.

Another example is Democratic Senator Ed Markey's ambitious climate policy – he helped propel victory in a tough battle in the September primary in the solidly blue state of Massachusetts. But voters in Florida, at the forefront of a warming world, have voted for Trump even stronger this year than they did four years ago.


This reflects the fact that while climate change is gaining ground as a priority among Americans, "it has not yet become so important – even in incredibly vulnerable places like Miami – to overcome political alliances," said Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale University's Climate Change Communication Program, according to Axios.

Joe Bonfiglio, who leads the advocacy arm for the Environmental Defense Fund, said that "higher than expected voter turnout among Trump supporters is what led to GOP victories in some seats – not change. climate or anti-fracking sentiment that harms Democrats, as some observers believe ”.

In short, Axios concludes, “Biden's presidential triumph was largely driven by victory” in some states in the balance such as Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. And "it did so by maintaining strong positions on the climate," Bonfiglio said. "We must think it is a victory".

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