Because the United Kingdom drops the American Palantir in favor of Bae Systems

Because the United Kingdom drops the American Palantir in favor of Bae Systems

What the United Kingdom decided on the health data analysis platform: the British Bae System was chosen instead of the American Palantir

Setback for controversial US tech company Palantir in the UK.

The country's Department of Health and Welfare has concluded an adult social care data agreement with Palantir. The decision comes following criticism from privacy activists.

Last month the department released a paper saying it was looking for a company to migrate adult social care data from a system designed and operated by Palantir to a new internal system.

At the end of March 2020, the NHS (the British health system) had also instructed the company to work on a Covid “data archive”. To manage the distribution of Dpi and other medical equipment between UK hospitals during the pandemic.

However, the UK department is now "trying to move away from dependence on third party analytics platforms and software". In fact, the choice falls on a system managed internally and built by the British defense contractor, Bae Systems.

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As we said, in March 2020 the NHS hired Palantir to work on a Covid database. However, openDemocracy revealed in December 2020 that the NHS signed a £ 23 million two-year deal to extend its contract with Palantir.

At the time, privacy activists warned that that report could result in an "unprecedented" transfer of citizens' sensitive health information to a private company.

In February, openDemocracy and tech justice group Foxglove initiated legal proceedings against the government to force it to commit to avoid extending Palantir's contract beyond the Covid-19 pandemic without public consultation.

In March, the Department of Health said it had suspended the contract and initiated a consultation before resuming it.


In August, the UK Department of Health and Welfare published a call for proposals stating that it wishes to migrate from the current Palantir solution to the Edge (Environment for Data Gathering and Engineering) system for adult social care data. The British defense giant BAE Systems develops the system.

However, the department has not confirmed whether the adult social care data contract is separate from Palantir's work on the NHS Covid datastore.


"The adult social care dashboard is an addition to the existing NHS contract and will move to a monthly basis starting September 2021," a Palantir spokesperson told CNBC .


Founded in 2003, Palantir bears the name of the stone of the Lord of the Rings that allows you to communicate over a great distance. Co-founder Peter Thiel has close ties to former US President Donald Trump, as well as the Pentagon and sectors of law enforcement and intelligence.

As the Journal recalls, Palantir is said to have played a role in locating Osama bin Laden. Not only that, Palantir helped the US government coordinate its response to the cholera outbreak in Haiti following an earthquake in 2010.

Palantir has attracted over $ 3 billion in venture capital funding from investors, including In-Q-Tel, the CIA's investment arm.


During the pandemic, Palantir helped governments in more than a dozen countries with coronavirus data analysis. The company's software aggregates reported cases, tracks the distribution of medical equipment, and predicts future outbreaks.


The controversial data-miningcompany debuted on the New York Stock Exchange in late October 2020.

From the IPO to today, the company has registered a + 189.57%, bringing its listing on the New York Stock Exchange to 25 dollars today (against 9.20 dollars in October 2020) for a market capitalization of approximately 50 billion. dollars.

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