Cdp Venture Capital puts the turbo on Phononic Vibes

Cdp Venture Capital puts the turbo on Phononic Vibes

Cdp Venture Capital Sgr leads the capital increase of Phononic Vibes, the spin off of the Politecnico di Milano that studies metamaterials for sound-absorbing barriers

The Phononic Vibes silent platform completes a € 6 million capital increase led by Cdp Venture Capital.

Through the Corporate Partners I fund of Cdp Venture Capital, Cdp invested in the innovative startup Phononic Vibes, born from a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano.

“The startup deeptech, which develops innovative solutions for the reduction of noise and vibrations, has concluded a new capital increase of 6 million euros thanks to the effort of the new fund of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, but also thanks to Eureka! Fund and at Poli360. Thus the new initiative of Cdp Venture capital in the Italian IndustryTech sector starts ”writes Il Sole 24 Ore .

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The company was born in 2018 from the research experience at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at the Politecnico di Milano of its founders on MetaMaterials and meta-structures, or solutions for which the technical properties are not dictated by the material used but by their topology. This peculiarity introduces a notable innovation in the various application sectors, being able to overcome the constraints of the materials used to date and to introduce higher levels of noise and vibration reduction.

"On the basis of this innovative technology and 11 proprietary patents, Phononic Vibes develops and markets solutions for the protection against noise and vibrations which, compared to traditional solutions commonly used on the market, allow a high degree of customization of the acoustic solutions, with better performance and savings. of raw materials, thanks also to a complete approach of circular economy and sustainability in the materials used ” explains .


The reference application sectors are: Infrastructure, Transport and Appliances in which Phononic Vibes works with large industrial players such as the railway transport operator Deutsche Bahn and the real estate developer LendLease.


“The company is in its third round of fundraising, for a total of 9 million” reports Il Sole 24 Ore .

The startup had already raised half a million in January 2019 in a first seed round led by Poli360 – a fund dedicated to technology transfer managed by 360 Capital – and with the participation of Pantecnica Spa – an Italian company focused on products and systems for insulation and damping of vibrations.

In 2020, it closed a 2.3 million euro capital increase with Eureka! Fund I and the Poli360 Fund already involved.


So Phononic Vibes is the first startup to benefit from the effort of the new Cassa Depositi e Prestiti fund.

As recalled by the Confindustria newspaper "Cdp's" Corporate Partners I "fund was born in September 2021 and aims to involve the main industrial companies in the country to grow the Italian ecosystem, investing and supporting innovative startups and SMEs in the most strategic sectors such as IndustryTech, EnergyTech, ServiceTech and InfraTech. The fund, which aims to have an endowment of 400 million, is therefore divided into four sectors, each with a collection target of 100 million, which outline the four vocations: Industry, Energy, Service Tech and Infrastructure. The sector that took the first step yesterday is IndustryTech, which has currently raised 60 million and – as mentioned – is aiming for 100 ".

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